When you are looking for a sponsor, you are going to have a few options up your sleeve as a charity run organiser.

One of those options would fleet insurance, which is something many organisations think about with events such as these. Yes, fleet insurance is a great way to go for sponsorships and it’s time to look at the reasons.


There is a sense of detail in how fleet insurance companies manage these situations and that is essential over the long-term. You are able to get more out of the relationship because they are going to want to associate with the charity and it’s probably going to offer protection too. This makes it a great way to put together a positive relationship and still get the charity run to go ahead as planned.

Personalised Coverage

The coverage is going to be personalised and that is a must over the course of the event. If you are going to be hosting a charity run, it makes sense to have access as soon as possible. It will save time and is going to personalise everything along the way.

Ideal for the Situation

The situation means you are going to need a sponsor who wants to support the event while getting their brand out there.

Of course, there are many requirements when it comes to a charity run but sometimes it’s as simple as finding a good sponsor. Cheap Fleet Motor Fleet Insurance sponsor these type of events, so in this regard, you will get a great deal and it’s going to boost the charity run as well.


Fleet cover is a great way to reduce the amount of pressure put on your charity setup when it’s time to put together a run. There is a lot that goes into this type of event and it’s smart to have full protection from an insurance perspective. Most companies will end up heading towards an insurance setup because it’s simpler, faster, and in line with what’s required for the moment. By going down this route, you are going to gain access to a professional agency that will take care of potential issues that arise during the run.

These are the reasons to go with a good fleet coverage when it is time to locate a good sponsor. You are going to get a great deal and it’s going to work out well for your race too. This is a win-win and it’s a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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