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Trail Running With Your Dog

For most walking the dog is sufficient, but for some they wish to bring their dog along when they perform more strenuous exercise, think jogging or trail running. Running whilst a good exercise can over time cause damage to human and doggy joints. So this article hopes to provide some tips and advice on running with your dog whilst staying safe during the run and after.

Make sure your dog is fit and ready 

Running is a demanding exercise, particularly on your joints.  If your dog is still growing,  the jarring impacts can cause joint damage . Vets recommend waiting until your dog is at least 3 years or older before any serious trial running. It is okay to go for short runs over smoother terrine. Advice from Eamonn Turley keen trail runner and founder of  dogwalkerinsurance.co.uk is before staring get your dog checked over with a VET for any potential problems, as it can be a gruelling sport

How far can a dog run?

How far a dog can run will depend on the dog breed, energy size and age.  On average, all dogs should be able to easily run 3 to 4 KM. Dog that are bred as working dogs can run much greater distances. AT the other side of the equation you have dogs that can only trot or jog  a few miles before becoming exhausted, this is true for overweight breeds that include bulldogs.

Examples of  some of the best dog breeds for trail running include:

  • Shepherds – German, Belgian, Australian
  • Retrievers – Labrador, Golden, Chesapeake, Curly and Flat coat
  • Rhodesian Ridge back
  • Cattle dogs – Blue Heeler, Kelpie
  • Collies – Border and Rough
  • Husky

Dog trail running gear

Before setting out, make sure you and your doggie are properly prepared for the event. Most important on the list is nourishment for the dog. Bring along high calorie snacks and water, bottle, both  of which can be shared. A waist attached leash is a popular option, giving more freedom and flexibility to both dog and owner. A collar leash is to be avoided at all costs for your and your dog’s safety. A running belt can hold the necessary accessories, plus don’t forget to bring plenty of poop bags. Running act as a trigger for dog to relive themselves.  Depending on the terrain, you may consider investing in a lightweight dog rain coat with underbelly and some paw protectors. 


If running alone  with your dog, take some safety precautions. First  making sure that you inform someone that you are off for a run and details of the trial run route. Consider a GPS collar for your dog should you get separated. If running in poor visibility, take some reflective clothing for you and your dog

Dog Care after the Run

Like us humans, your dog will need some time to relax and recover. Make sure you can find a comfortable location out of direct sunlight and have lost of drinking water should your dog have an unquenchable thirst, like mine does after a long run. After they have had time to recover,  carry out a check for cuts or damage to the paws, pay particular attention to spaces between toes and inner thigh areas. Also check doggies body for any freerides (ticks) that may have been picked in the grasses and bushes.

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A Beginners Guide to Trail Running

Trail running is constantly rising in popularity amongst all age groups, especially as more and more people take an interest in the outdoors and the sense of adventure it can bring. Those who take part in this state that running through the woods ‘nurtures their soul’. This is more important than ever before as we adopt busier lifestyles, have become technologically dependent and lose our connection with nature and the environment around us.

This activity allows you to go at your own pace, it can be a marathon or sprint. After being connected to smartphones at home and desktop computers in the workplace, running through the woods provides a real sense of calmness.

In this guide we’ll be covering the things every beginner needs to know about. If you fall in love with this outdoor activity and want to take it to the next level, some runners have even started travelling across the world to see what different locations can offer them. Regardless of if you’re on the move in the UK or overseas, it’s worth having a travel insurance policy. Cover is relatively inexpensive and can easily be compared online using a comparison site such as Utility Saving Expert. You’ll be insured for things like lost or stolen belongings, cancelled or delayed transport and emergency medical treatment. All useful when you’re on the move and away from home.

What can a beginner expect from trail running?

At this point you may already be used to running on tarmac, concrete or any other hard surface. Trail runs provide softer surfaces, making them more comfortable and you’re less likely to suffer from an injury as a result of this. It also provides a sense of excitement that road running just can’t offer. It will be no secret that runners will prefer to breath in the fresh air from a damp forest rather than fumes from hundreds of vehicles on the road.

Trail running will make you stronger and more importantly a happier runner. You’re no longer just running purely for fitness, there are other aspects such as peace of mind, body and soul. Here’s what you’ll need when you’re just getting started.

Running gear

This is a minimalistic activity in comparison to road running. You’ll want to leave behind your smartphone, as music and GPS navigation isn’t as important. Heart rate monitors can still be used if you want to train for an event and log your results. Generally, the whole purpose is to leave technology behind as it will take away from your experience.

Clothing: You can wear the same apparel on trails that you would for other forms of running, but you’ll want something that can withstand extra wear and tear.

Running shoes: This is where you’ll want to have specialised trail shoes. These will offer you added protection and greater stability in comparison to the running shoes you’ll see advertised by major sports manufacturers. Afterall, you will be running on uneven surfaces that differ in texture. Examples include: grass, mud and rocks.

Water bottle: Dehydration is a killer so you’ll need to drink lots of water regularly. This is even more important in hotter climates. You don’t want to faint in the middle of nowhere and require emergency medical attention.

Lighting: Another plus is that you can even run during the night without having to worry about colliding with a vehicle. However, you’ll need to have either a headlamp or flashlight to guide your next step.

After a good run, don’t forget you’ll need a towel and another set of clothes to change into.

What steps do I need to take on my first trail run?

Find a suitable trail
Pace yourself and take shorter strides
Embrace the hills
Keep your eye on your next step and the ground in front of you
Keep a safe distance from other trail runners
Be vigilant and avoid slippery surfaces, especially rocky ones
Safety first, you are now entering the wilderness

Other things to think about are what wildlife can be found in the area, when and where any hunting takes place and what time the sun is due to set. Although you’re not at risk of being hit by a car, there are still other dangers. This is why safety will still be a top priority.

If you’re ready to get started, here are some of the most popular trail runs in the UK:

Loughrigg Fell, Lake District
Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers, Devon
Pen-y-Ghent, Yorkshire Dales
Frensham Common, Surrey Hills
Loch an Eilein, Cairngorms
Coed-y-Brenin, Snowdonia

We hope this guide has been useful in helping you better understand what trail running is all about. Hopefully, you enjoy this new endeavour as much as we do. You’ll go from a beginner to a seasoned veteran in no time once you experience what’s on offer.

Is Fleet Insurance A Good Choice of Sponsor For Your Charity Run?

When you are looking for a sponsor, you are going to have a few options up your sleeve as a charity run organiser.

One of those options would fleet insurance, which is something many organisations think about with events such as these. Yes, fleet insurance is a great way to go for sponsorships and it’s time to look at the reasons.


There is a sense of detail in how fleet insurance companies manage these situations and that is essential over the long-term. You are able to get more out of the relationship because they are going to want to associate with the charity and it’s probably going to offer protection too. This makes it a great way to put together a positive relationship and still get the charity run to go ahead as planned.

Personalised Coverage

The coverage is going to be personalised and that is a must over the course of the event. If you are going to be hosting a charity run, it makes sense to have access as soon as possible. It will save time and is going to personalise everything along the way.

Ideal for the Situation

The situation means you are going to need a sponsor who wants to support the event while getting their brand out there.

Of course, there are many requirements when it comes to a charity run but sometimes it’s as simple as finding a good sponsor. Cheap Fleet Motor Fleet Insurance sponsor these type of events, so in this regard, you will get a great deal and it’s going to boost the charity run as well.


Fleet cover is a great way to reduce the amount of pressure put on your charity setup when it’s time to put together a run. There is a lot that goes into this type of event and it’s smart to have full protection from an insurance perspective. Most companies will end up heading towards an insurance setup because it’s simpler, faster, and in line with what’s required for the moment. By going down this route, you are going to gain access to a professional agency that will take care of potential issues that arise during the run.

These are the reasons to go with a good fleet coverage when it is time to locate a good sponsor. You are going to get a great deal and it’s going to work out well for your race too. This is a win-win and it’s a great way to get the best of both worlds.

The Great North Run and Printed T-Shirts for Teams

The Great North Run or the Simplyhealth Great North Run is an annual half marathon that’s nearly four decades old. In fact, it’s the largest half marathon in the world and is held every year in September in North East England. The total distance of this half marathon is 13.1 miles, which begins from the Newcastle city centre and ends on the seafront road at South Shields. Each year close to 60,000 runners participate in the Great North Run. One must be at least 17 years old or more to be able to participate and the entry fee is £56 per person.

Nirvana is the official accommodation services provider for the Great North Run for both runners and spectators. You can get a decent accommodation close to the start line for as little as £32 per person. Nirvana also provides transportation services and other packages around the Great North Run. And you can get a 10% discount on train tickets if you book with Transpennine Express, the official train partner.

For many of these runners the primary objective is to raise money for various charities. To be able to run for charity runners agree to raise sponsorship money. Some of the charities that are associated with the Great North Run include Diabetes UK, Cancer Research UK, Bobby Moore Fund, Alzheimer’s Society, Breast Cancer Care, British Heart Foundation, Bloodwise, Children with Cancer UK, Save the Children, British Red Cross and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, among many others.

The Junior and Mini Great North Run takes place at the same time as the main event. The Mini category is for 3 to 8 year old participants, while the Junior category is for 9 to 16 year old participants. The distance of the run is 4K and 1.5K.

Many runners participating in the Great North Run come with a group of friends or with a bunch of co-workers and colleagues or are members of club. If you are a member of such a running team, then you can make this a special day with custom printed running t-shirts for your entire team. You will be able to bond with your friends and represent what you stand for with customised t-shirts. If you are running for a charity, the logo can be added to the t-shirt as well. At the end of the run the t-shirt will become a souvenir, one you can get signed by your friends or the winner of the marathon and treasure it for the rest of your life.

6 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Trail Running

Trail running is gaining immense popularity among the youngsters as it helps them to train their muscles and achieve their fitness goals within a short span of time but just like any other sports, there are many challenges that you need to face while trail running so that you will enjoy this sports to the fullest. The 6 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Trail Running is very important so that you can improve your performance and avoid things that can obstruct your training.Trail running is a kind of physical activity that involves running through the woods as it nurtures your soul and help you get closer to the nature as it can be the most soothing and rejuvenating
experience as you venture into the wilderness. It is an adventure race that offers you some of the most exhilarating experience of your life while you step out of your comfort zone as you run on uneven terrain as it will help in
improving your balance, coordination and agility while helping you burn more calories. You need to keep your safety in mind so that you can prevent any injury or accident while running as it will help you get more oxygen while you
run through the woods to relive your life.

young woman in skirt jumpin

6 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Trail Running –

Slow down- rather than going for a quick start and slowing in the middle of the race, you should slow down from the starting so that you will be able to maintain the same pace on trail as there are a lots of obstruction that you will find on the way which includes rocks, trees, leaves and roots which might affect your pace adversely.

Pay attention to time and not pace- when running from road to trails, you should always keep in mind that running on the road is easier than on the trails and therefore you should ensure that you are covering the desired distance in a set period of time rather than your pace.

Keep safety in mind- trail running involves a significant amount of risks and hence you should always ensure that you are safe and for this you will need to do prior preparation with the right gears and equipment that will help you to undertake safe journey through the woods. You also need to download safety apps and have pepper spray that will protect you when you are in an unknown location.


Know the rules of trail running- there are certain rules that you need to follow as a beginner and this includes staying
on the marked trails, running through the puddles and ensuring that you are following all the safety measures.

Take short and quick strides- rather than running for a longer distance at one go, you should opt for shorter and quicker strides so that you will enjoy trail running to the fullest rather than being exhausted midway.

Adapt the new environment– you will need to know the different environmental conditions while going for trail running so that you can make preparations beforehand so that you will enjoy running.

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