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Julien Chorier breaks the Zugspitz tape in 2012

Each year trail racers from around the world make it a habit to convene at the base of the massive Zugspitze, Germany’s loftiest peak. The runners get together for an event that has quickly turned cult in its short four-year history – the Salomon Zuspitz Ultra-Trail.

Over the years this race sized up not only in terms of numbers but also added ever more course options. For 2014, the full 100K circumnavigation of the mountain massif may again garner the limelight but three (rather than two) additional entry points along the loop trail offer options for shorter race distances.

The latest addition to the wildly popular lineup of Basetrail, Supertrail and Ultratrail is the Supertrail XL course, which kicks off in Ehrwald, Austria. Registration for the 2013 event opened on the 1st of November

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While running routines may wind down for most trail runners towards the end of the year, the 2014 event is already back on the front burner for race organizers, event sponsors and host communities. In an effort to keep the event fresh and fun, there is always some aspect of the race that is being tweeked for the benefit of the race community.

New for 2014 is the Supertrail XL distance, an exciting course addition that sets off in Ehrwald, Austria, and fits in nicely between the Ultratrail (start in Grainau, Germany) and Supertrail (start in Leutasch-Weidach, Austria). The XL version woos racers with a distance of 79,3 kilometers and 4,156 meters of ascent and should attract finishers of the Supertrail (60.7 km / 2,973 m vertical gain) who want to up the ante but hesitate to commit to the full-length Ultratrail.

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Besides the Supertrail XL addition and few minor trail alterations, the 2014 race sticks to a proven weekend itinerary. The event kicks off Friday night with a lively opening celebration, the official race & course briefing and the popular SILVA Trailnight.

The start of the Ultratrail runners in Grainau (GER) during the wee hours of Saturday morning launches a tightly-spaced series of successive races with staggered start times in Ehrwald (AT), Leutasch-Weidach (AT) and Mittenwald (GER). Arrival of the first leaders at the finish in Grainau is expected by early afternoon but racers of the four courses and the various race categories will continue trickling in through the night until the morning of the following day. Sunday marks the end of the event and is dedicated to the award ceremony and riveting multi-media presentations with impressions of the weekend event.

The course stats speak for themselves. However, keep in mind, distance and vertical gain are one thing. Experience, technical competencies and orientation skills are another and require apt preparation. Yet, there is still time to polish up on these skills.

2014 SALOMON Zugspitz Ultratrail: Stats and Facts

  • Start: 21. June 2014 (different start locations acc. to course)
  • Finish: Grainau (GER) for all 4 courses:

o Ultratrail: 100 km / 5,420 m vertical gain, start 7:00 am, Grainau
o Supertrail XL: 79.3 km / 4,156 m vertical, start 8:00 am, Ehrwald
o Supertrail: 60.7 km / 2,973 m vertical, start 9:00 Uhr, Leutasch-Weidach
o Basetrail: 35.9 km / 1,892 Hm, start 10:00 am, Mittenwald

For additional information, visit: www.zugspitz-ultratrail.com

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