Pedol Peris plays host to British fell champs decider

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The Welsh brute that is the Peris Horseshoe race will this weekend play out the final throws in the 2013 British Fell Running Championships, in what promises to be a titanic fell battle…

In women’s title hunt Helen Fines has things pretty much sewn-up, bar one great challenger. However, in the men’s race it’s wide open as the title contenders from England and Scotland lock horns at this classic fell race. With winners such as Colin Donnelly, Gavin Bland, Lloyd Taggart and Menna Angharad amongst it’s role call of winners, this one is a true test of mountain skills, including navigation, especially when the clag comes down.


The Horseshoe starts in Llanberis, ascends Elidir, Y Garn, Glyder Fawr, Lliwedd, Snowdon and Moel Cynghorion and for sure this beast is considered by many runners to be one of the toughest races on the Welsh calender (if not in the whole of the UK!) at 17.5 miles and 8500ft of ascent.

With all four of the current top four in the men’s championship entered the men’s title could theoretically go to anyone from Finlay Wild (current in the lead), Rob Jebb, Morgan Donnelly and Lloyd Taggart (currently lying 4th), as the format of any three races from the four to count means that 52 points for Taggart and non-finishes from the others could propel the Manx missile to the top of the leader board with 145 points, equal with Wild, but with a win to his name (Wild currently hasnt won any of the previous three races).

All a lottery of course, but in terms of form it will be very interesting to see how Wild’s legs react after his Ben Nevis win last week (a race which current second-placed runner Rob Jebb sat out), but for sure those two runners should be ‘in the driving seat’. Sitting quietly in third, Morgan could have a lot to gain too, as a win would put him on 149 points, again, theoretically enough to take the title.

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Morgan in action…

Anyway, it’s all to play for, which is how it should be on the last day of the championship race, and we’ll know by about 2.15 tomorrow on whose mantlepiece the prestigious prize will sit for the next 12 months!

Helen Fines has what appears to be an unassailable lead in the women’s champs, as she sits pretty with 93 points to current second-placer Jasmin Paris’ 79. However, scan down to current =5th place runner Victoria Wilkinson and you will note that if the Bingley Harrier wins, she will move to be equal on points with Fines, and with both having two wins and one second place. I am sure that someone out there knows what happens next, but we are not quite sure how the count-back system works from that point.

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Helen Fines strides out at Blisco

Still, if Fines continues with her great form that she has shown over the last few months, and prevents Wilkinson from winning, the title will be hers. All very exciting…

Oh, and not forgetting the Half Peris which is also on tomorrow, which is still open for entries, so get yourself down there as we think the race will be lucky on the weather front too, with Saturday looking okay and Sunday looking dreadful!

Current men’s championship standings are here, with the women’s here.

Pedol Peris start list 2013
149 Dave Powell Aberystwyth AC
197 Felipe Jones Aberystwyth AC
7 Karl Steinegger Ambleside
24 Mhairi Cameron Ambleside
25 John Helme Ambleside
48 Hazel Robinson Ambleside
53 Kate Ayres Ambleside
57 Gary Thorpe Ambleside
63 Astrid Gibbs Ambleside
64 Tom Gibbs Ambleside
106 Hugh O’Donnell Ambleside
114 Anna Forrest Ambleside
162 Ben Abdelnoor Ambleside
168 Chris Robinson Ambleside
175 Lou Roberts Ambleside
184 Todd Oates Ambleside
199 Samantha Noble Ambleside
10 David Stakes Bellahouston RR
117 Rob Jebb Bingley
186 Victoria Wilkinson Bingley
40 Brian Horn Borrowdale
102 Peter Toaig Borrowdale
154 Paul Cornforth Borrowdale
174 Morgan Donnelly Borrowdale
176 Mark Roberts Borrowdale
50 Jimmy Rhodes Bowland
160 Alan Duncan Bowland
13 Simon G Roberts Buckley
38 Isaline Kneale Burdon RR
39 Martin Pollit Burdon RR
19 Konrad Rawlik Carnethy
20 Jasmin Parris Carnethy
119 Stewart Whitlie Carnethy
127 Helen Wise Carnethy
137 Alex McVey Carnethy
156 John Blair-Fish Carnethy
177 Paul Faulkner Carnethy
179 Michael Reid Carnethy
190 Jez Brown Carnethy
44 Andy Watts Cheshire HR
164 Graham McAra Cheshire HR
161 Darren Fishwick Chorley
189 Tim Culshaw Chorlton Runners
16 Jean Brown CLEM
72 Katy Thomson CLEM
8 Kean Rowlands Clwydian
46 Tim Higginbottom Clwydian
135 Mary Gillie Clwydian
131 Garry Gunner Croft Ambrey
55 Tim Ellis CVFR
83 Helen Fines CVFR
110 Rod Sutcliffe CVFR
167 Simon Fisher CVFR
193 Adrian Davis CVFR
196 Jospeh Crossfield CVFR
109 Rhys Owen Cybi
31 Gavin Williams DPFR
75 Keith Holmes DPFR
77 Nicky Spinks DPFR
81 Lloyd Taggart DPFR
95 David Lund DPFR
100 Greg Rimmer DPFR
101 Donna Claridge DPFR
105 Simon Reed DPFR
113 Heather Marshall DPFR
115 Jenny Caddick DPFR
116 Dave Sykes DPFR
118 Barry Wilkinson DPFR
120 Stephen Pyke DPFR
121 Judith Jepson DPFR
125 John Hunt DPFR
132 Willy Kitchen DPFR
144 Tom Westgate DPFR
145 Oli Johnson DPFR
163 Dicky Wilkinson DPFR
165 Glen Borrell DPFR
187 Jon Morgan DPFR
192 Eddie Lesniak DPFR
195 Ashley Kay DPFR
107 Jackie Winn Ellenborough
47 Craig MacAlpine Erme Valley
6 Martin Cliffe Eryri
22 Jo Moore Eryri
27 Tim Watson Eryri
33 Helen Angharad John Eryri
34 Brian Robbins Eryri
36 Gwion Williams Eryri
67 Emily Wood Eryri
68 Ed Harmer Eryri
79 Craig Jones Eryri
80 Jackie Lee Eryri
82 Jenny Heming Eryri
84 Wendy Trimble Eryri
90 Phil Targett Eryri
91 Ifan R Evans Eryri
92 Matt Fortes Eryri
93 Becki Law Eryri
94 Andrea Rowlands Eryri
97 Ralph Pawling Eryri
98 John Parkinson Eryri
108 Chris Near Eryri
122 Ali Thomas Eryri
123 Noel Craine Eryri
128 Michael Belshaw Eryri
133 Johnny Moore Eryri
138 Paul Jones Eryri
148 John Mainwaring Eryri
152 Paul Hodges Eryri
153 Adrian Williams Eryri
155 Richard Roberts Eryri
159 Math Roberts Eryri
130 Stephen Atherton FRA
15 John Hewitt Glossopdale
41 Chris Jackson Glossopdale
42 Caitlin Rice Glossopdale
69 Alasdair Cowell Glossopdale
74 Mark Ollerenshaw Glossopdale
150 Bernard Grant Harrogate
59 Jim Londesborough Hatton Darts RC
11 Chris Baynham-Hughes Helsby RC
158 Adair Broughton Helsby RC
5 Alistair MacGregor Holmfirth
86 Helen Berry Holmfirth
126 Tony Keech Human Energy AC
43 Nick Pearce Ilkley Harriers
2 David Marham Leighton Buzzard
3 Steven Marham Leighton Buzzard
4 Michael Kelly Leighton Buzzard
183 Finlay Wilde Lochaber
191 Simon Titmiss Macclesfield
194 Mike Nelson Macclesfield
129 Chris Atherton Maldwyn Harriers
136 Glyn Fletcher Maldwyn Harriers
76 David Parker Meirionnydd
134 Mark Atherton Meirionnydd
1 Celia Mills Mercia
28 Mark Davies Mercia
29 Mel Price Mercia
35 Virgil Barton Mercia
61 Glen Davies Mercia
62 Huw Davies Mercia
70 Pete Vale Mercia
71 David Malia Mercia
99 Susan Howarth Mercia
111 Kim Braznell Mercia
139 Tim Werrett Mercia
140 Tom Roo Mercia
141 Naomi Watson Mercia
142 Andy Robinson Mercia
143 Matt Harrison Mercia
170 Roland Stafford Mercia
171 Tim Davies Mercia
85 Richard Borne Mysteruns
12 Mark Davies NWRRC
49 Rachel Pilling P&B
87 Ian Nixon P&B
88 Alex Jones P&B
89 Danny Hope P&B
185 Darren Kay P&B
200 Tim Austin P&B
21 Dave Soles Pennine
26 Andrew Holmes Pennine
45 Ronald Rees Pennine
54 Ian Warhurst Pennine
112 Rachel Nolan Pennine
124 Robert Taylor Pennine
188 Alan Kirk Pennine
9 Michael McLoughlin Preston Harriers
18 Nick Harris Rossendale
169 Roy Gardner Saddleworth RC
198 Peter Mackie Shettleston Harriers
30 Dave Woodvine Shropshire Shufflers
157 Dominic Jones Shropshire Shufflers
58 Paul Jeggo Springfield
104 David York Tattenhall
17 Clare Harris Todmorden
37 Kath Brierley Todmorden
65 Dan Taylor Todmorden
66 Jane Leonard Todmorden
73 Andrew Bibby Todmorden
32 Mike Boissier-Wyles U/A
51 Catherine Litherland U/A
52 Ross Litherland U/A
56 Jason Phillips U/A
60 Ian Pomeroy U/A
78 Richard Hurrell U/A
103 Alex Johnson U/A
151 Mike Symonds U/A
166 Martin Kitchen U/A
172 Kevin Avery U/A
173 Steve Toogood U/A
96 Rhys Ap Gwilym UA
14 Jeff McQueen West Cheshire
23 Rachel Hill Wharfedale
146 Gill Meyers Wharfedale
147 Louise Pickles Wharfedale
178 Sam Watson Wharfedale
180 Angela Donlan Wharfedale
181 Paul Crabtree Wharfedale
182 Claire Pearson Wharfedale

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