Shoe review – Brooks Mach X

Spikes are great. Spikes are cross-country’s nemesis. They keep you upright in the mud, they make you feel faster. Course they aren’t for everyone and likes of Inov8 offer some great stud alternatives. But for real cross-country its got to be spikes, right?

Storm in a tea cup?

As the UK media got into a frenzy proclaiming that there were thousands of mad fell runners unaccounted for in the Lakes this weekend, many of those taking part were simply disappointed that they were not able to complete the OMM 2008.

Officials, who needs ’em? WE DO…

Where would we be without them? Yes they can be a real pain when they hurry you on after you finish in a crumpled mess at the end of that strength-sapping race, when all you want to do is find the nearest spot to cough your lungs up. But lets face it officials, organisers and marshalls make our world go round.

MST Mountain Legends – Jonathan Wyatt

How many runners can you name that can run 3.43 for 1500m, 13.27 for 5000m, a 2.13 marathon and who then go on to dominate the global mountain running scene for 6 years straight? Sure there are athletes who have run quicker on the track, and in the marathon, but when it comes to crossing terrain-boundaries Jonathan Wyatt is something of a phenomenon.

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