Martin’s 52 Finest Races

Posted in Dishing the Dirt on Thu 19 Sep ’13

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Martin at Ullswater in 2007

GB mountain runner Martin Cox has had a long and successful career, spent on the mountains and hills of the world, taking part in some of the most iconic races on the planet…

So, to celebrate his time on the likes of Sierre-Zinal, the Annapurna Trail in Nepal and the Llanbedr to Blaenafon race in Wales, he has compiled a highly entertaining list of 52 races via Robbie Simpson’s ‘Mountain Running Man’ blog – races that we would all do well to have a crack at, or at least consider, before we leave this mortal coil!

Guest Blog by Martin Cox; one of the UK’s best ever mountain runners. He’s shared some of his experiences from his favourite races around the world over the last 15 years. Although he’s been one of the top mountain runners in Europe not all races have been memorable for the right reasons!

One of my personal favourites is number 17 on the list:

Northburn, Cromwell, New Zealand. I had entered the 100 miler (7000m deniv), then developed a fortuitous last-minute niggle and ended up running the 50km fun run (a mere 2600m deniv). What a coward! A beautiful, evil, windy, parched, cold, barren, mountainous, merciless, confusing place. No place for an ultra.

Read Martin’s A Brief Run-down Of The 52 Finest Mountain Races That I Have Raced here

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  1. Ben Abdelnoor
    Sep 19, 11:18 PM

    Possibly one of the most amusing, and bizarre, comments about a race has to be, “A tough and unrelenting course, spoilt only by the presence of so many twats on horses.”

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