“It’s a hill, get over it!”

Posted in The Sweat on Thu 15 Aug ’13

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A new book penned by seasoned fell runner Steve Chilton looking at the history and great characters from the sport of fell running, is available for pre-order ahead of it’s release date in September…

Books on fell running are reasonably few and far between, but when they do come out they are generally pretty compelling reading – e.g Bill Smith’s Stud marks on the Summit and Richard Askwith’s Feet in the Clouds.

Chilton’s blog on his book It’s a hill, get over it starts off by stating:

I am not sure who first said “Everyone has a book inside them”, but I do like the take by Christopher Hitchins on the quote which he feels should be completed by “ ……. but in most cases that is where it should stay”.

So with that in mind I will attempt to unfurl the reasoning behind me starting to write a book.

However, with publishers Sandstone Press stating:

The book covers the early days of the sport, right through to it going global with World Championships. Along the way it profiles influential athletes such as Fred Reeves, Bill Teasdale, Kenny Stuart, Joss Naylor, and Billy and Gavin Bland. It gives background to the athletes including their upbringing, introduction to the sport, training, working life, records and achievements. It also includes in-depth conversations with some of the greats, such as Jeff Norman and Rob Jebb.

It all looks very promising! More details here.

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  1. Steve Chilton
    Sep 29, 03:41 PM

    Book is available now. Hope you will review it (Sandstone will provide a copy). Book blog has details at: http://itsahill.wordpress.com/

  2. Matt MST
    Oct 1, 11:04 AM

    Thanks Steve, received a copy late last week, looks brilliant, will be getting my teeth into it over the next few weeks!
    Cheers, Matt

  3. Steve Chilton
    Dec 14, 06:38 PM

    Any idea when review might appear?

  4. Matt MST
    Jan 10, 02:03 PM

    Hi Steve, will be doing it very soon! Cheers

  5. Matt MST
    Jan 14, 07:11 PM


    Cheers Steve…

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