inov8 team remains ‘obsessed and committed’

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Robbie Simpson

In 2013 inov8 have made their mark on the international mountain, sky and trail running stages with some outstanding results from their team of international runners. This continued recently with some great results at Pikes Peak, Sierre-Zinal and the Matterhorn Ultraks…

Driven by an obsession to stretch limits, our committed athletes have stamped their names all over sky and mountain races across the globe in August.


Alex Nichols

At the Pikes Peak Marathon (42km, 2382m ascent, 4302m maximum altitude), US athlete Alex Nichols (pictured above) narrowly missed out on victory in his Colorado backyard.

Meanwhile, fellow inov-8 athletes Anna Lupton (UK) and Eirik Haugsnes (Norway) finished fourth female and ninth male respectively in the elite-stacked Matterhorn Ultraks (14km, 3600m ascent, 3100m maximum altitude) race last weekend.

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Anna Lupton

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  1. Paul Tomlinson
    Aug 29, 01:16 PM

    Matt, are you not sponsored by Inov8? I really enjoy your website, but this just seems like an advert. Shame.

  2. Matt MST
    Aug 29, 01:35 PM

    Hi Paul

    I am definitely NOT sponsored by inov8 🙂

    As you will hopefully know MST is an aggregator of news, we pick up on things, and then if we think people might be interested we fire them out there for others to pick up on.

    As far as I was concerned the above article is about a UK brand supporting some international runners (a few of whom are UK athletes) and it details how they have been getting on over the last couple of months.

    Sorry if it comes across as me somehow pushing inov8, it is not the intention and certainly not an advert.



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