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  1. Vic peaks in Yorkshire, as Coniston beckons

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 02 May '14

    Vic Wilkinson driving on at the 3 Peaks

    The second race in the 2014 English Fell Champs takes place on the summits above Coniston tomorrow, and once again inov-8 and Bingley AC athlete Victoria Wilkinson will be the one to beat in the ladies’ race… Read more…

  2. Ricky Lightfoot kicks starts his season at Advanced Week

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 21 Apr '14

    Ricky above Lake Garda

    2013 was quite a year in the life of Ricky Lightfoot. The Cumbrian not only took some big domestic wins at such races as the Borrowdale fell race, but also won the IAU Trail World title, the Otter Trail race in South Arica and topped it all in becoming a father. Read more…

  3. Andy's beaten by the Spine - for now...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 23 Jan '14

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    Andy Mouncey on the Pennine Way

    For those who follow Andy Mouncey, and have been following his fantastic ‘Cracking the Spine’ pages, you will know what a big competitor this guy is. His 2014 Spine Race preparations had been good and he took to the start line in good fettle… Read more…

  4. Nepal and the Everest Trail Race by

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 19 Nov '13

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    I had a dream, like any boy, I had a dream of what might be. Majestic mountains and blue skies; coloured flags draped onstring and spread across the trail. Nepal and the Himalayas, it’s sometimes quite difficult to convey an emotion… Read more…

  5. A dream 2013 continues for Clayton

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 25 Sep '13

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    Emma Clayton

    With arguably one of the best mountain race efforts by a British athlete in 2103, Emma Clayton claimed a superb silver medal at the recent World Mountain Running championships in Poland… Read more…

  6. "It's a hill, get over it!"

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 15 Aug '13


    A new book penned by seasoned fell runner Steve Chilton looking at the history and great characters from the sport of fell running, is available for pre-order ahead of it’s release date in September… Read more…

  7. The Three Peaks 2013 - Joe's view from the front

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 30 Apr '13

    Joe Symonds

    Joe Symonds’ 2013 Three Peaks Race win on the face of it appeared to be a straight-forward exercise in dominant fell running. As the following paragraphs demonstrate, wins are never easy, and certain happenings in Joe’s life in the day before the race only underline the greatness of his achievements and the fragility of life… Read more…

  8. Suunto launches two new generation GPS watches - Ambit2 S and Ambit2

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 29 Apr '13

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    The new Suunto Ambit2 S

    Suunto today unveils the second generation of Ambit outdoor GPS watches, the new line-up of Ambit2 S and the Ambit2. This creates a collection of Suunto GPS watches for every occassion — whether a multisport training session or a serious adventure. Read more…

  9. Gripmaster raises fell

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 30 Mar '13

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    That German meister got there before us (though an full MST review on the new shoe will appear soon after a winter on the hills and trails) in testing the hotly anticipated new fell shoe from Salomon – the Fell Raiser… Read more…

  10. Jon Gay goes sub-24 on Winter Ramsay

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 26 Feb '13

    A shattered Jon after his Ramsay last weekend

    Lochaber runner Jon Gay completed an amazing feat of long-distance mountain running this last weekend when he completed the gruelling 60 mile Ramsay Round, which takes in 24 summits, including Ben Nevis… Read more…

  11. This book could save your life

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 22 Feb '13


    We never really think about it. As we pull on our shoes and grab our kit and reckon we are prepared for the hills or trails, our preparation for any eventuality is complete – or so we think… Read more…

  12. Andy puts his back into it at The Spine

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 17 Jan '13

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    Andy Mouncey at the 2013 Spine race

    Ultra-runner and coach Andy Mouncey has posted a mighty fine blog on his experience at The Spine this year, and though the Lancaster man didn’t complete his designated distance of the full 270 miles his 105-mile effort in trying conditions was a job well done… Read more…

  13. Roes looks ahead on iRunFar

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 16 Jan '13

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    Geoff Roes

    As many a long-distance runner will tell you obtaining that balance of good health, fitness, motivation and happiness when out there can be a rare occurrence – and often those ‘planets’ never align at the same time… Read more…

  14. XC at the Winter Olympics?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 11 Dec '12


    I am not sure that we have an opinion either way in this subject, which has been raised a fair few times in the past. However, watching the Euro Cross at the weekend left me with the feeling that the racing on snow was pretty exciting… Read more…

  15. How low can you go?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 05 Nov '12

    Dib, dib, dib...

    A fascinating poll has been posted on the FRA site recently. The question posed by forum member ‘Wheeze’ is mainly aimed at the younger generation of fell runners (i.e those under 30) and those newer to the sport… Read more…

  16. Fell running on iRunFar

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 29 Oct '12

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    Fell runners 'dig in'!

    There’s a brilliant article now online at US ultra site iRunFar by FRA general secretary Morgan Williams. We like fell running here on Mud, Sweat and Tears as you will know, but if you are in any doubt what it is all about head on over and check out Pt. 1 of Fell Running: A Quick Guide. A great read! Read more…

  17. Litter: let's kick it out

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 22 Oct '12


    The subject of litter in places of natural beauty has historically been the space of the ‘day tripper’ and walker from towns and cities, who dump their unwanted belongings in car parks and the paths of well-trodden mountains and hills of the UK… Read more…

  18. Life is precious...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 09 Oct '12

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    I have wrangled with myself as to whether I should write this article. I have been writing on here for over 4 years now, and the last few days have been an extremely sad time for those involved in fell running, especially those who knew Darren Holloway… Read more…

  19. Chasing the Dragon

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 05 Sep '12


    There’s tough, and there’s tough. You might have heard an Olympian – after say a 3 minute effort this summer – say “that was tough”, but when you hear the record holder of the women’s Bob Graham Round say it, you know that what you are talking about is seriously tough… Read more…

  20. Paddy Buckley success for North Wales fell runners

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 08 May '12

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    The most prominent ‘Round’ in the UK fell running scene has to be the Bob Graham. An iconic 42 peaks to be completed in 24 hours, starting and finishing at Moot Hall in Keswick and renowned as an amazing feather in the cap of any fell runner… Read more…

  21. The search for Micah True

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 18 Apr '12

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    Micah True, forever the Caballo Blanco

    Author of Born to Run Christopher McDougall dedicates this superbly emotional article to the search and rescue mission for the late Micah True aka Caballo Blanco some 6 weeks ago in Gila National Forest, New Mexico. Read more…

  22. Anna Frost talks 'support' and 2012

    This post contains video content

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 09 Apr '12

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    Anna Frost at the TNF50

    Anna Frost had an impressive 2011. But with 2012 upon us the Kiwi is now in full prep mode for some big events once again this year. MST caught up with her at the Salomon Advance Week last week to talk osteo-support and the year ahead… Read more…

  23. London Calling: Superhuman athletes

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 23 Mar '12

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    A BBC 5 Live podcast has been posted up featuring ‘fell runner’ Ali Brownlee and ultra-trail legend Lizzie Hawker. The show was broadcast on Thursday and is now available for download… Read more…

  24. Ultra sense of humour

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 05 Jan '12

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    Dakota in San Francisco

    Dakota Jones doesn’t take life too seriously. He is young, carefree and a damn good ultra runner. He is also a pretty funny guy, and whenever he is interviewed you can expect a laid back style. Also judging by his latest blog we think he could have a career in writing, should he get fed up with running… Read more…

  25. Bill Smith

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 07 Oct '11

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    Bill Smith

    The discovery of Bill Smith’s body on the Trough of Bowland has shocked the fell community. Fell runners are a close bunch, they look out for one another, and share a real love of the environment that they take to week in week out – Bill was one such man. Read more…

  26. The Fellrunner is out

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 15 Jul '11


    It landed with a thud on the mat today, all 140 pages of it. For those of you who aren’t members and don’t receive the quaterly FRA publication The Fellrunner, then I will try and put into words what this magazine represents… Read more…

  27. GB's World Cross showing "better than expected" - Ian Stewart

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 23 Mar '11

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    Andy Vernon

    Without looking closely at the performances of the UK athletes at last weekend’s World XC one could be forgiven for thinking that it was a mixed-bag of performances, against the might of Africa in hot conditions… Read more…

  28. World XC - do we still care?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 17 Mar '11

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    It was great to see some fierce competition for World Cross places on the GB & NI team at last months National XC champs around the UK. Athletes like Andy Vernon, Freya Murray and Charlotte Purdue obviously see it as a big target in their track preparation – but also as a target in itself… Read more…

  29. 'Read This! 'Minimalism according to inov8'

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 16 Mar '11

    The new inov8 Road-X 255

    Trust me this article is worth the read. You might want to go and grab a brew, or beer – depending on the time of day – and settle into your comfiest chair, as inov8’s Shane Ohly gives us his view on the sprawling subject of minimalist footwear… Read more…

  30. The Mud, the Sweat and the Tears!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 20 Feb '11


    I have seen some comments online and via Twitter that the ‘National’ should not have been run on Saturday, the course just wasn’t a true test of an athletes ability, it was a silly war of attrition and so on. Read more…

  31. MST Exclusive offer: Orbana

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 16 Jan '11

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    50g of power!

    Last year we did a review of Orbana energy products, and yes we rather liked em. Well to give your new year fitness drive a boost we have teamed up with the guys at Orbana for an exclusive discount of your next order… Read more…

  32. XC - the future?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 17 Dec '10


    After reading this animated piece by AW editor Jason Henderson I answered his tweet about suggestions and thoughts. I actually answered it with 5 suggestions. The general XC racing scene seems to be in trouble, on the face of it… Read more…

  33. Bezabeh - not the only one with blood on his hands?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 15 Dec '10

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    Bezabeh - a dark secret

    According to this report Alemayehu Bezabeh was ‘shocked’ he wasn’t allowed to blood dope. Really? In 2010 can this be so? Can this really be the case, that an experienced, high-profile and successful international athlete, from a leading global athletics federation, is ignorant to the fact that this is cheating?! Read more…

  34. Tips for staying safe in the white stuff...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 01 Dec '10


    The recent early snow in the UK means that many a runner will be taking a risk or two as they attempt to keep the miles high in this unseasonal cold snap. Funnily enough there aren’t too many go-to sites to help you through… Read more…

  35. John Lenihan, a true running legend

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 15 Nov '10

    Lenihan in his mountain running prime

    The word legend is far too readily used these days. In fell and mountain running you need to be extra-special to even come close to that kind of status. However, alongside the likes of Billy Bland and Joss Naylor the name of John Lenihan needs to be properly inserted… Read more…

  36. "Records are made to be broken" - Steve Jones

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 21 Oct '10

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    Is it really 25 years since this happened? As far as we are concerned at MST running legends are running legends and although most of Steve Jones’ success was achieved at the marathon, the Newport-flyer was a highly skilled cross country man… Read more…

  37. Catch a falling leaf

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 17 Sep '10


    It’s in the air. You can smell it. You can see it. Leaves turning yellow, that dew that lingers a little later in the mornings and puddles on the trails that take longer to evaporate, if at all. Autumn. I should say it quietly, as in southern Europe and the balmier parts of the northern hemisphere the sun is still beating. Read more…

  38. The UTMB that wasn't, and then was!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 31 Aug '10

    Julian Chorier 'contemplates'

    A crazy 24 hours of ultra trail running in Europe was witnessed last Friday evening as the 8th annual UTMB set off bang on time at 18.30 CET. But barely an 8th of the way into the event (approx 21km) the race was cancelled, or should I say postponed and, for many, over… Read more…

  39. Trailmagazin #3 ist go!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 08 Jun '10

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    Yes, perhaps the best off road running magazine in the world is back on the cyber shelves for number 3 of 2010. In this issue Denis and his crew talk waterproofs and trail running shorts and shirts, talk to Aussie Ray Zehab and US ultra-girl Caitlin Smith… Read more…

  40. Where have all the sprint races gone?

    Posted in The Sweat by Rene Borg on Tue 01 Jun '10

    Howth, 2010

    In England the ultra-short races, like Grasmere and Burnsall, have long formed their own hallowed tradition and the British Championship has likewise been constructed with all-rounders in mind:… Read more…

  41. Cheats beware - WMRA Anti-Dopers meet

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 29 Apr '10

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    This high-profile instance grabbed some headlines last year, that said trail, fell and mountain running appear to be relatively clean sports. Not resting on their laurels, the WMRA has recently meet to discuss Anti-Doping… Read more…

  42. What will all of this mean to off-road runners?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 14 Apr '10

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    You might not care. But then again you might. Tonight sees more lame debating live on telly (yaaawn) – but I’m not going to get into politics on here, oh no. However, we need to know what will any change in government mean to the humble outdoor type in the UK? Read more…

  43. GPS vs OS

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 09 Apr '10


    Went out for a little run ridge run in the hills this afternoon, okay, okay, I know 2 hours to do 8 miles, I stopped for endless photo and product shots, which I may use in the future – plus the technology gave up on me about 1 mile from home as you will see! Read more…

  44. Anton just keeps Riding the Wind

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 07 Apr '10

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    Often running is seen as something that we do in our spare time, a leisure activity, fitted in with our busy lives of work and other stuff. It’s maybe more to those lucky enough to do it professionally. But to some it’s a way of life, running is their life, they live to run. Read more…

  45. XC a no-go on the BBC

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 25 Mar '10

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    As reported earlier today on MST (we hadn’t seen this AW article) this weekend’s World Cross Country will not be aired on the BBC. This Athletics Weekly article suggests that a contractual breakdown is the root cause… Read more…

  46. The Craving - Nick Goolab

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 26 Jan '10

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    Goolab - coming of age

    For top UK youngster Nick Goolab the last month or so has been a trying time. A lack of racing due to postponements and the poor weather has left the Belgrave man chomping at the bit to get out there and test himself in the competitive arena… Read more…

  47. The inov-8 Philosophy

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 18 Jan '10

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    Interesting news piece on the inov-8 site, regarding the off-road shoe specialists’ drive towards ‘neutrality’, and how some of today’s running shoes could be adding to runners’ injury lists… Read more…

  48. The Big Melt - not all good news

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 14 Jan '10


    You might think that the end of the white stuff is good news for people to start getting about again, and for races to go ahead. However, an article on the Grough tells us to be extra cautious if you are out there on the hill this weekend, as melting snow on higher ground means the risk of avalanche… Read more…

  49. Ebuya's humble background inspires

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 12 Jan '10

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    Joseph Ebuya

    Nicola Bamford profiles Edinburgh XC winner Joseph Ebuya for the IAAF and unearths yet another world-class talent from east-Africa who has found fame and fortune through athletics. After a time in the Army and then traveling to Europe without shoes or food Ebuya was (inevitably) snapped up by Ricky Simms... Read more…

  50. A hot drink works wonders

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 12 Jan '10

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    Whether running or biking, a hot brew is always a welcome sight after a session. A very timely little article on Triathlete’s World extols the virtues of a hot drink to re-hydrate at this time of year, especially if you have got extra cold out there… Read more…

  51. Running in the snow - how hard can it be?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 08 Jan '10


    You might think that running in the snow is hard work but good fun. It can also be dangerous, with all of those hidden dips and rocks nicely concealed by fresh, white powder. Funnily enough Ironmate Mark Kleanthous states that the deep powdery stuff is safer that the hard-pack… Read more…

  52. 2009 - by the Grough

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 06 Jan '10

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    It’s not running, but it’s outdoor, and it’s hills and fells, what’s more it’s a great round-up of 2009 by one of the best outdoor sites on the net. With tributes to the likes of John Evans and stories on the English coastal path. Make sure you click here for page two aswell… Read more…

  53. 2010 - normal service is resumed!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 04 Jan '10


    After a Festive period of house moves, illness and ISP issues (BT – grrrr!) Mud, Sweat and Tears is back online. 2010 will be bigger and better (we hope) with even more off-road news, new features and exclusives… Read more…

  54. Ministers encourage us 'outdoors' over Christmas

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 23 Dec '09

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    Government officials are encouraging us to get off our backsides and get out there this Yuletide – whatever the weather. The Grough reports that walkers are being egged on to burn off the eggnog and get some fresh air… Read more…

  55. Wild Capital – number 1, Epping Forest.

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 18 Dec '09

    Loughton Camp

    Louis Clark reports on a suburban foray into the ancient forest of Epping Forest. Londoner Louis has to search far and wide those wild spaces that make an urban runner’s life a bit more bearable, but finds a little bit of off-road heaven east of London… Read more…

  56. The Gripmaster in SA...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 11 Dec '09

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    German-based site Gripmastertrails is a site after our own hearts here at MST. The imagery and emotion is superb, and their coverage of year’s TransAlpine Run was unsurpassed. The Gripmaster loves the trails, runs the trails and reports the trails… Read more…

  57. oroc™ 'o' shoes to make mark in 2010

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 01 Dec '09

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    Inov-8 are to launch three exciting new orienteering shoes in April 2010. A dedicated range of orienteering shoes will cement their specialist off-road market position as all shoes will be lightweight, durable and work with the natural bio-mechanics of the foot… Read more…

  58. Anna Frost: Running Himalayas....

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 23 Nov '09

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    Renjo la Pass

    Episode one documented their arrival in the Nepal region, and the Namche bazaar. In episode two of Frosty’s epic trip to this years Everest Marathon she talks about her’s and Gil’s (Matt Gilbert) continued ‘acclimatisation’, the introduction of porter Raj, plenty of sun and…snow! Read more…

  59. Louis goes to hell and back...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 17 Nov '09

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    MST has another new writer. Louis Clark will be ‘our man in the South’ – of England that is – covering all things trail and XC. Louis lives in the city, he lives for the weekend and getting our of urbania. Read more…

  60. Frost has the bite to conquer Everest

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 10 Nov '09

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    Namche bazar

    The opportunity to run Everest Marathon is something many an off-road runner would behold. 2009 Commonwealth Mountain Running Champion Anna Frost is no different. The Wrexham-based athlete is well on her way to the ceiling of the world… Read more…

  61. Youngsters NEED XC in their lives!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 05 Nov '09

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    Dave Forrester on the country

    Interesting to see UKA encouraging blogs from some of it’s talented youngsters. Also interesting to see prospective future champions loathe the discipline of cross country as much as their forefathers. The likes of Steve Ovett outwardly exclaimed their dislike for the muddy sport, yet equally realised that it was as essential part of their endurance base… Read more…

  62. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional..."

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 16 Oct '09

    Martin Cox (071) leads in Vernamiege, Switzerland

    Martin Cox’s latest blog on the Team Inov-8 Europe site tells it like it is to race at a high level – hard work! Really great reading, getting inside the mind of a committed British mountain runner who resides in Italy and is ready to take on the Africans on the roads and mountains of Europe. Read more…

  63. Desco's doping spells bad news...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 11 Oct '09

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    Elisa Desco

    News that the newly-crowned World women’s mountain running champion Elisa Desco had tested positive for a (as yet unnamed) banned substance may come as a shock to many in the mountain running scene. Read more…

  64. Runners World goes 'trail mad'!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 10 Oct '09

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    I have to admit to not being an avid reader of the world’s most popular running magazine. In the past I saw the publication as more of an advisory mag, helping those running newbies obtain shoe, race and training advice for road races, marathons, the odd off-road or charity event… Read more…

  65. 2016 - D-Day

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 02 Oct '09

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    According to the Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara the 2016 Olympics will be the last ever, as we could all be doomed by then. Who knows, he could be right. One thing is for sure, the green concerns of Tokyo should be applauded and unless the mindless excess of the Games is checked the Olympics are in danger of becoming a embarrassing commercial ogre… Read more…

  66. Fell future is in safe hands...

    Posted in The Sweat by Rene Borg on Fri 25 Sep '09

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    Technique is everything on the hills

    The past weekend allowed me to get a first-hand experience with the new Fell and Mountain Running Level 2 Coach which was kicked off earlier this year after collaboration between the FRA and UK Athletics. The course bases itself on the standard “Endurance Level 2” course… Read more…

  67. The revolution will not be televised - yet!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 22 Sep '09

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    The uphill podium at Keswick

    Well we are not sure if last weekend’s Commonwealths were filmed, but there is certainly a revolution afoot. The east Africans have dabbled in mountain running over the last few years, and have always attacked this big Nigerian race... Read more…

  68. Sarah always brings the sun...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 17 Sep '09

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    This blog is definitely one for your bookmarks. Sarah Ridgway, and husband Iain, know Snowdonia pretty well and her regular updates make for excellent reading. This site is worth checking for the images alone – of course the content ain’t bad either! Read more…

  69. Rene Borg joins MST

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 07 Sep '09

    At Snowdon 2009, in Danish colours!

    After Moire set sail to south Asia for a spell our Irish feed has been down – until now that is! We wanted someone with, wit, style and creative juice to fill the lil’ Irish girls’ mountain shoes, and we think that we have found a suitable replacement… Read more…

  70. Is bare best?

    This post contains video content

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 25 Aug '09

    Bekele - started the East African revolution

    It’s no secret that many of the African nations have a history of barefoot running, from as far back as the 60’s with Abebe Bekele, through to the infamous Zola Budd (is this really 25 years ago!?), through to many top youngsters of today (until they are told put on the sponsors’ kicks!). Read more…

  71. Sedbergh - by Chris...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 24 Aug '09

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    Chris in action

    Whilst the south of the UK basked in glorious sunshine it seems that the weather at the Sedbergh Hills Race was non too clement yesterday. With results still unavailable it’s good to see that the runners come through with fresh blogs to tell the tales… Read more…

  72. It's your MST...get involved!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 20 Aug '09


    Yep, its nearly 10 months since we first started this thing, and as with any youngster it needs feeding as it grows, and as the traffic grows we want to meet the demands of the users. We also think that it is about time that we added some new features and gave the site a new feel, but all in nice clean way, keeping customers happy. What d’you reckon? Read more…

  73. World XC to go biennial

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 12 Aug '09

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    African dominance is to be checked - through administration

    This little piece of news was probably lost in the more heady news of false starts and World Athletics Champs fever, but the IAAF motion for the World XC champs to be held every two years (instead of annually) has been passed unanimously by 132 votes to 22. Read more…

  74. Holiday!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 25 Jul '09

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    MST is growing fast (site traffic continues to grow almost 20% month-on-month, thank you!). But like everyone we all need a break. Since the first words were written in October 2008 barely has a day gone by without some news or views… Read more…

  75. Plains, trails and automobiles

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 21 Jul '09


    3.00am isn’t normally a good hour to be getting up at! But when one is offered the opportunity to be part of a mountain race relay squad – in Annecy, France – alongside the British Fell running champion, the winner of this year’s Zergama SkyRace Read more…

  76. Fell racing: running for the hills

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 10 Jun '09

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    As reported last week fell running seems to be gaining strength as the sport of choice for those looking for something a little different. It seems that these runners aren’t one-hit wonders either, as the FRA reports a 17% increase in membership… Read more…

  77. Sky's the limit for Rob and Ricky

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 05 Jun '09

    Rob digs in on Aizkorri

    Rob Hope is good with a pen, well a virtual pen anyway. He is also a pretty decent mountain runner. The 2008 British Fell Champion is well on his way to once again retaining his title this year, and to keep himself sharp he is also mixing it with the world’s best in Europe this summer… Read more…

  78. X-rated

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 03 Jun '09


    Yep, I don’t half choose ‘em. Two weeks ago I was battling 80 mile-an-hour winds and hail, on Sunday I was battling 80 degree temperatures and 4 feet deep water, at the first of the year’s Turbo X races. Proper mud, sweat and tears… Read more…

  79. Mountain running, its the zeitgeist don't you know

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 02 Jun '09

    Irish national daily the Irish Times thinks so. As do the growing number of people that are coming into the sport. This excellent article could have been written about any one of the four UK nations too… Read more…

  80. Pay as you go

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 01 Jun '09


    This is an interesting strategy. Charging spectators at a cross-country event is an alien concept to most running events. We are all used to turning up at races, ducking under race tape, running across the course, coming and going as we please. Read more…

  81. A love affair rekindled

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 19 May '09

    Moel Eilio from the south

    The Moel Eilio fell race means something to me. It’s a race steeped in history, starting in Llanberis – the home of the much more famous Snowdon Race – it ascends Moel Eilio, takes in Foel Gron, Foel Goch and Moel Cynghorion before plummeting to the village once more… Read more…

  82. Rosie Swale-Pope on

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 15 May '09

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    Rosie on the run...

    Super-woman Rosie Swale-Pope was a special guest speaker at this week’s Keswick Mountain Festival. It was great to hear that she seemed to be un-phased by the speech, and prepared for it just a few hours beforehand. We suspect that is was a case of what to leave out, as opposed to what to include! Read more…

  83. Cram is positive about the positive

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 05 May '09

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    Rashid Ramzi - cheat exposed

    The well documented downfall of Olympic champion Rashid Ramzi casts yet another shadow for many. For some it brings delight that the fight against doping is still being fought. Take Steve Cram. He commentates on these things and waxing lyrical about Ramzi has never come easy for the BBC man. Read more…

  84. Peaks and troughs - Steve Long conquers a classic

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 02 May '09

    Steve at Ingleborough

    Tring is a beautiful Hertfordshire market town, in south of England. It’s rural, its nestles near the Ridgeway and Ashridge, peaks of barely 250m. Not the sort of place you’d expect gnarly mountain goats to congregate… Read more…

  85. Highland Fling: A winners blog

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 28 Apr '09

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    This is what it's all about!

    The time was that you had to wait a week or so for the results of a race to appear, time was when you had to wait for an equal amount of time for a winner’s quote. No more so, with the power of the blog. Read more…

  86. Three Peaks - the joy of winning

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 23 Apr '09

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    The Three Peaks Race is all about the runners. Tales are told that become folk lore down the years, however it’s generally the winners that are remembered – here a few snippets from those who have experienced the joy of winning… Read more…


    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 15 Apr '09

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    The rapid growth of Salomon as an off-road running brand has always been aligned to tough off-road events – Saab Salomon Hellrunner was legendary. So, it’s logical that their new site – – should be dedicated to their consumer race and training experiences. Read more…

  88. Former XC great lambasts UK performances in Amman

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 11 Apr '09

    Hutchings has got room to talk - he's been there...

    Tim Hutchings says that until UK athletes approach something like ‘competitive’ against the African and Eastern nations they should not be sent to events such as the World Cross Country championships. Read more…

  89. Tergat thinks African dominance is down to mental strength

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 05 Apr '09

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    Tergat - did not have the benefit of altitude

    Can the rest of the world close the gap on Kenya and Ethiopia? Can the white man be as good without living somewhere above the clouds, surviving on rice and beans? And is it not money, survival, that’s motivating the Kenyan dominance? Read more…

  90. Orienteering in the 21st Century - Pt.2

    Posted in The Sweat by Chris Smithard on Thu 02 Apr '09

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    2009 and its properly urban...

    In part one of Chris Smithard’s view on how technology has brought Orienteering into the 21st century is was all in the timing. Here he talks mapping, race formats and going urban… Read more…

  91. "I should take the blame" - Kirwa

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 31 Mar '09

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    There weren't many smiles in the Kenyan camp

    There wasn’t a happy Kenyan face in the house after the men’s race at this weekends World XC. The post-race reflection will go on deep into the summer for their task-master Julius Kirwa, who yesterday blamed himself for not triumphing in Jordan. Read more…

  92. Orienteering in the 21st Century

    Posted in The Sweat by Chris Smithard on Fri 27 Mar '09

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    Five-time World Champ Thierry  Gueorgiou

    As part of MST’s further foray in the world of O (Orienteering) Chris Smithard looks into how the sport is perceived in the new millennium and in the wider running world. This two-part article will help gain a better understanding of the sport and what you need to make it to the top! Read more…

  93. What is TASS?

    Posted in The Sweat by Chris Smithard on Fri 20 Mar '09

    no comments yet

    I mentioned in my introduction to MST that I am a member of TASS. It is unlikely many of you have heard of it or understand what it does so I will try and explain a bit about what it’s all about as well as the impact it has had on my training as an orienteer. Read more…

  94. Farah starts to 'listen to his body'

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 18 Mar '09

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    This excellent Guardian article written by Donald McRae gets deeply into the mind of the UK’s top endurance runner, right now. Mo Farah talks training, failure, Dave Moorcroft’s British-record and how photography is his next biggest love… Read more…

  95. We were spammed!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 18 Mar '09

    The original, and best...

    Apologies to those people who have posted a comment in the last couple of weeks, as it may have disappeared! Last night the site was hit by a spam email hitting the comments boxes, 170 were posted on an article. So, please continue to post (legitimate!) comments, we will try and combat the spamheads!! Read more…

  96. The joy of running

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 16 Mar '09

    What it is all about...

    There can come a time when your daily run becomes a little monotonous, which can lead to a halt in improvement and a general lack of motivation. The following article recently appeared in the Performance Basics section of Athletics Weekly with some nuggets to keep us runners happy… Read more…

  97. Mo says 'sell-off' is a "disgrace"

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 16 Mar '09

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    Farah - maturing with every week

    With each week that passes it seems that Mo Farah is becoming a bit of a talisman for UK endurance running. No sooner has he raced to the UK record and European 3000m gold, than he is fighting the fight against school playing field sell-offs. Read more…

  98. A tribute to Danny Hughes

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 13 Mar '09

    President Hughes - on official duty

    He was one of the enigmatic and galvanising figures in sports administration. He was a lover of the mountains, and of mountain racing. He brought the World Mountain Running Championships to fruition for 2009. He will be sorely missed. Read more…

  99. Listen up!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 11 Mar '09

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    Paula uses 'em...

    Personally I am much happier with the sound of the birds and the wind rushing through my hair, however it seems that the latest research by Dr Costas Karageorghis shows that music can improve perceptions of effort… Read more…

  100. The Day I Discovered Contours

    Posted in The Sweat by Moire O'Sullivan on Mon 09 Mar '09

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    I'd say the east face is a little steep?!

    I was bored of running up the same mountains. I was tired of looking for someone to show me new trails. I was frustrated that I couldn’t read my own map. I wanted to find my own way. Read more…

  101. Legacies count these days

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 03 Mar '09

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    Athens, not the desired effect

    Whether its the 2012 London Olympics, the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 or the World Cross Country championships, its all about the legacy. What will be left behind, once the last caravan departs from any given sporting traveling-circus? Read more…

  102. Baby we were Born to Run...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 01 Mar '09

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    It seems that scientists have confirmed what us runners already knew, we were born to run. An article on Wired Science talks about our ‘stubby toes’ being custom-made to enable us to chase prey. Read more…

  103. "hard yards and big groups" - Stewart

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 24 Feb '09

    Hard miles were daily bread for Stewart in the 70's...

    UKA Head of Endurance Ian Stewart has reiterated his vision for the future of distance running in the UK in a recent article in Athletics Weekly. This replicated article sees Stewart talking about “more miles”, groups of “70 runners” and general theme of “hard work”. Read more…

  104. When is running a team sport?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 24 Feb '09

    Kirwa wants improvements

    You may say, relay running, Cup events, but cross country? Well this how Kenyan World XC coach Julius Kirwa sees it. Following Moses Mosop’s convincing win at the weekend he wants more ‘team drill’ come the World Cross Country Championships in Amman next month. Read more…

  105. Have a heart

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 20 Feb '09

    René Herms

    For those of you that keep a close eye on all things sport you might have seen a worrying trend in the last few months – early death in young athletes. Quite often unexplained, possibly preventable, with what seems to be a simple screening programme. Read more…

  106. "It is the Wembley of cross country running" - 2009 National, Pt.1

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 19 Feb '09

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    This is what it's all about

    That’s right, its National weekend! ‘The oldest cross country race in the world’ at the most famous of venues – Parliament Hill – takes place this Saturday. Spikesmag beat us to a history of story, which we were planning to write today (honest!) Read more…

  107. Snow joke, snow go etc. etc.

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Tue 17 Feb '09

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    In an episode that has wider implications for growing sport-bureaucracy in 2009 the cold snap over the last few weeks had one victim, that stood up in the face of officialdom and slipped under the MST radar. Read more…

  108. We want you!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 02 Feb '09

    So the time has come, we think. Let’s open this thing up. Share the love. Cast the net wider. We’re going worldwide. MST want you, to enable us, to keep the site even fresher. It’s time to get some guest reviewing, reporting and interviewing going on! Read more…

  109. Dope is big news again

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 28 Jan '09

    Pills, thrills and bellyaches...

    It seems that since the chimes of Big Ben took us into 2009 the bells begin to toll again and doping rears its ugly head in many sports. Read more…

  110. Dont be a Twit, get on it

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 25 Jan '09


    The Running Bug is on it, of course we are on it – hell even Lance Armstrong is on it. It’s the latest way to keep in touch and find people, and is a kind of Facebook without all of the faff. Read more…

  111. Is Haile's running now secondary to his PR - never!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 21 Jan '09

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    The Times article that followed his unsuccessful record attempt in Dubai, tells me that Haile Gebrselassie’s status is beginning to transcend the sport. However, with quotes like “If I stop I think maybe I’ll die”, the most famous endurance runner in the world is just going to run ‘til he drops… Read more…

  112. Weight is heavy on young shoulders...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 09 Jan '09

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    Twell - will she handle the pressure?

    We are very good at placing pressure on sports people. We want success, we want our runners, footballers, cricketers and cyclists to win. We expect. But it doesn’t always happen quite like that. With 2012 just around the erm, corner, we are already taking about medal hauls and the ‘most likely to’ – and why not, there is only 4 years to go after all! Read more…

  113. New year brings new hope

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Wed 31 Dec '09

    no comments yet

    Mud, Sweat and Tears sprung up in October, and since then the world has been a pretty gloomy place – financial catastrophes have been top of the bill, Afghanistan continues to rumble, add in floods, hurricanes and the Gaza conflict and well, you get the picture. Read more…

  114. MST - Outstanding performance of the Year

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 29 Dec '09

    no comments yet
    Sub 2:04 - what next for the great man?

    For me this wasn’t a difficult choice, it had to be the world of marathon running which took the accolades. This run in 2008 stood head and shoulders above all others and once again cemented Haile’s name at the top of the all-time list of greatest runners. Read more…

  115. MST - Runners of the Year

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 29 Dec '09

    no comments yet
    Laura Park - first of many World titles?

    As promised our musings on the “best of…” begin here with the runners. We’ve got a fell / mountain section, UK and International and an outstanding performance, whatever the surface. The choices might have seemed pretty straight-forward, but there will be some out there who will disagree – anyway, this how we saw it in ’08… Read more…

  116. "It's the time of year when..."

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 22 Dec '08

    no comments yet

    Why do we say that!? Probably because it is. Every newspaper, magazine, website, TV channel and whatever new medium will be looking back at 2008 and dishing out their lists of the good, the bad and the ugly – and why not (it fills the inches or pixels). Read more…

  117. 'Mad Dog' Mike is ready for questions!

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 19 Dec '08

    Mad Dog - the early years

    In what we at MST hope will be a regular feature, best selling author, ultra-runner extraordinaire and all-round crazy runner, ‘Mad Dog’ Mike Schreiber wants your questions. He ran his first marathon in ’76 and still runs trail ultra-distance races to this day – at 71 years old!. Read more…

  118. MST Highly Scientific Experiment No1 - Nutrition

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 01 Dec '08

    'Beaner forever!

    Are you a high tech re-fueller or an old-schooler? Time was when a nice cuppa was all that a champion needed. Alf Tupper ate fish and chips before a track race (but he wasn’t real), Dave Bedford liked the odd ale (he is real) – all good. Read more…

  119. School kids hate XC - or do they?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Fri 21 Nov '08

    Bless em...

    A recent report on the Guardian website states that school children in China are just as reluctant to get out there and run as the youngsters of the Western world. Read more…

  120. Officials, who needs 'em? WE DO...

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 17 Nov '08

    Officials, like London buses

    Where would we be without them? Yes they can be a real pain when they hurry you on after you finish in a crumpled mess at the end of that strength-sapping race, when all you want to do is find the nearest spot to cough your lungs up. But let’s face it officials, organisers and marshalls make our world go round. Read more…

  121. The MST guide to - mountain running

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Mon 03 Nov '08

    drink it in...

    Okay, us lot in the UK call it fell running and we can probably trace its history back to when we chased dinosaurs up hills, but as the sport becomes evermore global (next year’s Mountain Trophy will now be known as the World Mountain Running Championships) we at MST are going to nail our flag to the mast of the World. Read more…

  122. MST Mountain Legends - Jonathan Wyatt

    This post contains video content

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Thu 30 Oct '08

    no comments yet
    Jono Wyatt - that's 8 now!

    How many runners can you name that can run 3.43 for 1500m, 13.27 for 5000m, a 2.13 marathon and who then go on to dominate the global mountain running scene for 6 years straight? Sure, there are athletes who have run quicker, but when it comes to crossing terrain-boundaries Jonathan Wyatt is something of a phenomenon. Read more…

  123. Storm in a tea cup?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 26 Oct '08

    Now that's what I call off road running

    As the UK media got into a frenzy proclaiming that there were thousands of mad fell runners unaccounted for in the Lakes this weekend, many of those taking part were simply disappointed that they were not able to complete the OMM 2008. Read more…

  124. Will 'le Crunch' affect your running?

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sat 25 Oct '08

    no comments yet

    As the merchant bankers continue to tinker with our lives and livelihood, the sight of lines of unemployed flashed on every screen wont be far away. But, will the rising cost of living mean that we consume less and therefore run less? Read more…

  125. XC season 2008/9 - The movers and the shakers - official

    Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 19 Oct '08

    no comments yet

    We all like a prediction, lets face it. Whether its over a pint, a coffee or facebook, people everywhere like to pontificate on the the next US president, or the winner of Strictly frickin Come Dancing (I am glad that I’m not the only one who hates that programme). Read more…

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