Sierre-Zinal 2012: Pictures and reaction

Posted in Through the Lens by Matt Ward on Mon 13 Aug '12

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Aline Camboulives

These images courtesy of Ian Corless (Talk Ultra) nicely capture the essence of the competition at Sierre-Zinal yesterday, with big wins for Aline Camboulive and Marco de Gasperi on a hot day for skyrunning…

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Three at S-Z for Marco!

Following his win Marco de Gasperi told Ian Corless:

“I wasnt sure without all of the long training if I could manage all of the race, in a good way. But at the end of the last uphill I understood that the Columbian (Cardona) was not very good on the descent and I know that descending is key if you want to win this race.

“To break the record you have to be in very good shape and I knew that in the last two kilometres this would not be possible because I have some cramps and I just had to manage that and made sure that the result was safe and I would arrive here for the victory”.

Talking about the plans for the rest of 2012 he told Corless:

“I will concentrate on the recovery and that look to the Jungfrau Marathon (WLDMRC) in one month. This is a very different race because the first part is road and then the very big climb, but I have won it once and I have the chance to try again, and this is my next goal”.

A big mention goes to former S-Z winner Billy Burns. His knowledge and experience paid dividends and the European-based Brit was also well conditioned for the heat and altitude. Burns is now a veteran and ran superbly for 9th, against some very good quality opposition, including some of the creme of the current UK fell and mountain scene.

Other UK hopes Tom Owens (12th) and Joe Symonds (18th) had what one might call a bad day at the office (but still fantastic results against a top class field) as they both suffered from the heat and what is commonly known as bonking (basically running out of energy / fuel and having a major dip in power, all of a sudden). Joe said: “Tom and I both bonked pretty impressively once it got above 2000m altitude!”

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Joe and Tom looking a bit stuffed after Sierre-Zinal 2012

With Tom adding: “That was one hard race. It was going well till 3rd bit of climb and pulling through then sudden energy shut down! Big learning curve for me. There were a lot of of quick runners here, so for Joe and I it was fast from the off. It was a nice course but a toughy for the Scottish runners today!”.

Fellow Scots Robbie Simpson (31st) and Murray Strain (24th) also ran strongly in the top international competition. Read Murray’s blog of the race here

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Lizzie Hawker at Sierre-Zinal

Lizzie Hawker made a suprise visit to the race as well, finishing a very handy 9th and using the race as what she called ‘a training run’ as part of her prep for the UTMB in a few weeks, here is what she had to say.

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Camboulive wins...

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

The women's top three...

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Joe Gray

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

de Gasperi with Cardona at Sierre-Zinal 2012

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Cesar Costa

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

3-time Sierre-Zinal winner Marco de Gasperi

© Ian Corless / Talk Ultra

Men's podium

Reactions so far
  1. Nicola Finn Aug 13, 03:58 PM

    The structure of the article does not summarise the British achievements relating to the results of this race well at all. The fact ye old veteran Billy Burns, who is well into his forties made it as a foot note in this article is truely surprising. Surely this good day in the office performance, is inspirational for all runners. especially as he out performed the British fell running champion and the current Snowdon winner from a few weeks ago. This is a tough race, I have done it twice, there is certainly lots of blood sweat, tears and big smiles for everyone. Congrats to everyone who finished! Best wishes Nicola Finn

  2. Matt MST Aug 13, 04:30 PM

    Hi Nicola, thanks for the comment.

    The article is aimed at summarising the event from a more global perspective and I didnt want to base it on just GB performances, but agree that Billy should get more than a ‘footnote’ as you put it, that is why I have sent him a message trying to get his views and then do a nice piece on his achievements.

    As you see I have added a fair amount of GB lilt in there, and got some quotes from the UK guys. It’s hard to summarise the event in a short article, but I wanted to ensure that the readers get as broad a view of the race results, quotes from Marco, images and so on, so as to ensure that it maintains it’s European race appeal to the reader.

    Thanks for reading anyway…


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