Salomon TV: Season 2 Ep 1: Reflections from Greece

Posted in Through the Lens by Matt Ward on Mon 23 Apr '12


Advance Week kind of kicks-off the trail season as far as the Salomon global athletes are concerned. It’s also a big deadline for all of the Salomon R&D teams concerned. It’s also ‘family’ time for those involved with racing and community marketing…

In 2011 Kilian Jornet returned to the source when he scaled Mt. Olympus, so it was apt that in 2012 the Salomon Advance Week once again visited one of the homes of running, taking in ancient trails, crossing even older terrain.


This great film by South African film producers The African Attachment gives us a glimpse into the enthusiasm that all-comers bring to Advance Week with the philosophy of enjoyment and professionalism and the unending input into pushing forward the products and trail running ideologies that are so important to Salomon.


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  1. Richard Apr 25, 04:14 AM

    Will it soon be the case that Trail Running IS Salomon? OBN sir?

    I love this sport purely because I can do it in shoes too beat up for anything else, and an old backpack with a few bottles of water. And I still can. I used to mock mountainbikers because it became all about gear and gadgetry.

    Trail running can never match mountainbiking for that, but being the new boom, it seems a bit tiring that so much is about gear, racing, performance and the companies that can provide that for you. And thus deliver the running experience, for a price.

  2. Paul Bateson Apr 25, 08:40 AM

    Hi Richard,
    You can run trails in anything, I use shoes of all types and condition, especially as so many have soles that out last the uppers, but if you want to race competitively then you experiment and try out what the latest ‘science’ recommends. Obviously the big companies want you to buy their products and a sponsored team member will always be obliged to wear the kit (and being sponsored he/she will probably be top 10). The sponsored runner would win/place no matter what make they wear but the science and technological development of kit isn’t all marketing, the stuff works, some better than others but all are better than gym shorts and a cotton tee. You can go run in whatever you like but sometimes it makes sense to buy the better quality ‘scientifically tested by team members’ stuff if you intend to race rather than compete.

  3. Max_Connerie Apr 26, 11:46 AM

    I’m sorry, but this is bollocks. ‘Science’ has nothing to do with it. Running around in effeminate, tight-fitting white crop tops, long socks and £120 shoes doesn’t make you faster. The Walshes, nylon shorts and vests worn by fell runners 30 years ago are near-enough ideal. The rest is all marketing hype.

  4. Paul Barbier Apr 28, 07:03 AM

    my view is really that everything has its place. hey we benefit from new kit and new ideas, and athletes get to live their dreams if they are sponsored, bring it on i say, its a great thing. We can all go out and run . as that’s what we love to do, wearing whatever we like (or are required to wear if we are sponsored). Some commercialisation of any sport is inevitable, but this also means more publicity and generating more interest so that more people can appreciate the sport and get involved! Its great to see more people turning up at races even mid week where I live, and the whole trail and mountain running thing becoming more popular. Posh kit or no posh kit, as ther French say “chaque un son truc” – each to their own , and we can all enjoy it in whatever way we choose, as long as we look after the places we run in.

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