Everest Ultra aims to promote Nepalese talent

Posted in At the Races by Matt Ward on Tue 21 Jun '11

© Jan Turner

Deemed the ‘greatest race on the planet’, the Everest Ultra certainly is special. Not only is the race at one of the highest altitudes in the world but it is a purely non profit organisation, raising money to promote Nepali long distance runners.

Reason enough to run, you might think. Well, the 2nd race is planned for April 2012 and orgainser Jan Turner is keen to tell the story of these runners, and push the race out to a wider audience:

The story of long distance running in Nepal no doubt had its origin in messengers running from expeditions to get help or supplies or even to announce success or failure of attempts to scale the great peaks of the Himalayas.

© Jan Turner

It was certainly true that when Tony Hunt and I first went to Everest base camp with some crazy notion of running the highest marathon in the world, we had heard of some incredible if not farcical accounts of individual feats of endurance running in the mountains of this beautiful kingdom.

Now some twenty six years later with two versions of that great race still going strong and after organizing two Kathmandu Marathons, seven Annapurna Triathlons, Three Annapurna 100ks and after pioneering the First Everest Ultra with a group of Nepali runners, we are ready to open up this awesome event for anyone who seeks the ultimate ultra a 65 kilometer race from Gorak Shep to Lukhla organized to promote Nepalese long distance runners. Race day is 11th April 2012

More info at the Everest Ultra website and you can contact Jan Turner at jan@everestultra.com

© Jan Turner

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  1. Moire O'Sullivan Jun 22, 06:30 AM

    They guy on the far left, number 03, is called Upendra. He was my mountain running guide for a 7 day mountain running trip in the Langtangs and Helambu track last October. He could run up and down EVERYTHING! Best running trip ever!

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