Inov8 deliver!

Posted in Rated or Slated by Matt Ward on Thu 08 Oct '09


Well the parcel man does anyway. Not 1, but 4 pairs of Inov8 shoes were delivered to MST on Tuesday, thanks to those good people from Durham who are taking footwear technology to the next level. It’s gonna take me a few weeks to get through this little lot…


So, whether it’s the deft lightness of the new F-Lite 220 designed for the urban racing world, the grippiest fell racer available, the Mudclaw 330, the stealthy versatility of the Mudroc 290 or the featherweight X-Talon 212, I’m gonna have my hands (and feet) full this Autumn.


You can guarantee that unlike some shoes tests out there we wont return results of clinically clean specimens, these bad boys will be put through their paces and rated or slated – what’s your money on?!


X-Talon 212



Mudroc 290


The grippiest racer out there! Mudclaw 330

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  1. steve h Oct 9, 11:32 AM

    -What’s my money on? My money’s on you kissing their ass and giving them rave reviews and then, them giving you more free pairs of shoes.

  2. MST Oct 10, 05:14 AM

    Thanks for the constructive feedback Steve. If they’re good, I’ll say so, if they aren’t I’ll also say so, I’m just trying to serve the running community and offer some news and views…

    Keep reading!


  3. steve h Oct 10, 06:03 AM

    -I wan’t sure if that comment would be censored or not…As a rule I do enjoy yr regularly updated news and views, but this inov-8 post is one step too far…more news about fell and mountain running, and interesting related articles please.

  4. Rene Borg Oct 11, 12:22 PM

    My money’s on the Mudclaw, but depends on your feet. Have trouble finding an X-Talon that fits the shape of my foot but the new Mudclaw was quite comfortable when I tried it in a shop and the grip looks outstanding.

    I have the previous incarnation and while I had to throw it out due to blisters from the low-cut heel, the grip was spectacular and the sole doesn’t seem to have changed much. (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!)

  5. Inov-8 Insider Oct 12, 12:52 AM

    In reply to Steve H.
    We sent product to Mud Sweat & Tears to review, we didnt ask for expect a biased write up just for sending product, thats not how we work.
    We have said to all our reviewers, testers and customers If the product doesn’t perform let us know, were not afraid of constructive criticism after all we aim to make the best shoes around because we use them ourselves.

  6. Jason Kehoe Oct 13, 02:02 AM

    I love all the gear reviews in ‘Rated or Slated’ section and I like to take a realllllly long time to suss out the options before I invest my cash. I don’t see any bias as yet in the article, how else can we see gear reviews unless the manufacturers put them out there to these sites to be scrutinised and sure we just saw that Matt isn’t as bad as the Chinese censorship office with the comments so I’m sure anyone (even steve) who disagrees with his findings will no doubt post them.

    Maybe a more comprehensive review would be comparing different brands in each terrain category but that would probably take months to do and needing shoes from a few manufacturers (Inov-8, Salomon, Walshs etc.).

    A list of the must have’s for a runner would be great too Matt. My only real must have’s so far are my visor, water resistant jacket, neat water bottle holder and some chewing gum! I’m looking for a few shoe options to add to that list though. Dry Trail, open mountain, XC and mixed. Used to have Inov-8 (Terroc or Flyroc?) shoes which got serious wear over the last 2+ years (way over its recommended mileage I’m sure!) before eventually the stitching started to go but have been fortunate with the racing weather this year so have been using a normal Mizuno trainer. I seriously missed the grip though and nearly ended in the A&E a few times.

    I’ll be buying very soon and have been considering the Mudroc for XC and Open Mountain so let us know how you get on with them.

    I wonder if the Inov-8 / Salomon / outdoor gear teams would consider sponsoring some competition prizes for the readers matt!?

    Keep up the good work and btw I’ve come across your name and MS&T quite a lot on other similar sites so you must be doing something right!



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