Dont be a Twit, get on it

Posted in The Sweat by Matt Ward on Sun 25 Jan '09


The Running Bug is on it, of course we are on it – hell even Lance Armstrong is on it. It’s the latest way to keep in touch and find people, and is a kind of Facebook without all of the faff.

Invented across the pond waaaayy back in 2005 – an age in the world of social networking and blogging, let’s face it – it has grown to be the most talked about site on the net (well for the next week or so anyway).


Most people on Twitter think like this...

With such comedy luminaries as Stephen Fry on there too it’s a world where you can look but you just cant touch. But hey it’s also a place where you can connect with others around the world, be they runners are whatever. The How page video certainly dumbs-it-down so far that even lovely old Boris Johnson might be able to get on it, and connect with whole of London to let ‘em know how 2012 is coming on?

It’s micro-blogging baby – so get on it!

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  1. Paul Hughes Jan 26, 06:21 PM

    What with MySpace, Facebook, Bebo now this, how are we supposed to have time for all of this ‘social media’?!

    (Or am I just an old timer!:-()

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