Why the Headscarf is a thoughtful present

If you are a non-Muslim buying a gift for a Muslim friend, you might be a little confused about what is or isn’t acceptable to give as a gift. Here, we take a look at why a headscarf is a thoughtful present for a Muslim friend, as well as some other guidelines for finding a suitable gift for a Muslim friend.

A headscarf is a great gift for a Muslim friend, as you can choose something to fit their personality and individual style. There are so many different styles of hijab, you are sure to be able to find something to suit any tastes and styles. Headscarf accessories also make great gifts for a special Muslim friend. You can choose some matching pins. A box to keep pins in is also a wonderful gift – you can find some lovely designs to fit your friend’s personality.

It’s also a good gift because it will be well-used. Whilst not all Muslim women choose to wear a hijab, or any type of covering, those who do will usually do so on a daily basis. This means you are sure the gift will be appreciated and it’s something the recipient will always need – unlike some unwanted gifts which get put at the back of a drawer and forgotten about.

When choosing Islamic gifts such as a hijab or headscarf for a friend, there are some things you should keep in mind. Just like any other piece of clothing, it’s important to bear in mind your friend’s particular style. Think about the styles she usually wears, and what colours and patterns she prefers. Headscarves also come in different shapes and sizes, so you might like to check with your friend what she usually wears, as some suit certain face shapes better than others.

Finally, a hijab makes a great gift as it has a multitude of uses aside from keeping the hair covered. Many women enjoy using their headscarf to hold their phone or headphones in place, keeping their hands free for other tasks! A headscarf can also be used as a confidence booster, for example some women enjoy not having to spend as much effort on making sure their hair looks presentable before heading out for the way. The scarf can also be used to cover more of the body, for example to give privacy when breastfeeding in public, or to cover a bloated stomach after a heavy meal!…

A Run for Your Money – Running Holidays Abroad

Travelling is something I’ve always loved ever since I was a kid but it wasn’t until my mid 20s that I got into running. Until then I’d always thought of running as being some kind of torture and wondered why anyone would want to subject themselves to it. This was mostly because I’d never had naturally good stamina and so found it difficult and unpleasant. However when I dedicated myself to it and started setting achievable goals, I found it to be extremely enjoyable.

Fast forward a few years to 2014 and I decided to buy my first motorhome. Having a motorhome is something I’d always liked the idea of but either couldn’t afford to buy one or didn’t have the space for it. When I finally did make the plunge, I was delighted with it.

As I’m sure is the case with many new motorhome owners, I was slightly hesitant to take my new vehicle/home overseas at first – worrying about things like insurance/fuel/weird driving laws (or lack of laws altogether). However this year I decided to take the plunge and go on a trip across Europe covering multiple countries.


Not only did I want to venture further than I had before though, I also wanted to combine my love of running and travelling into one amazing adventure. I decided that wherever I went, I would run at least 10 miles a day.

One of the first things I did before I set off on my journey was to make sure I was properly covered. I called my insurance provider and asked them to add European cover to my policy. To my surprise this was actually quite a bit cheaper than I imagined it would be.

Once that was sorted I started planning my journey in detail. I knew I wanted to start in the Netherlands and head south, finishing my trip in Barcelona.

Below is an account of my travels, including all the countries I visited and how I was able to fit my daily run in.  

Day 1 – Hoek van Holland, Netherlands

I took a ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland. This was an ideal place to start since there are some great campsites in this area.

I arrived in the Netherlands on the first day and thankfully the weather was great. I was a little bit sea sick from the trip on the ferry but I soon got over it.

The weather was really good for most of the week I was in the Netherlands, making it ideal for running. I explored the area around the campsite where I was staying and found some great routes. Over the course of the week I explored further afield and found that there were also some fantastic routes near the Hoek van Holland Haven railway station. 

Day 2 – Blankenberge, Belgium

After an amazing week in the Netherlands I headed to Belgium. I stayed in the beautiful coastal town, Blankenberge. Blankenberge has a great beach and promenade making it perfect for me. There are tonnes of great things to see there too, so it’s not just for campers or joggers.

Depending on what I was doing on any particular day, I would vary my run from 10-20 miles, but always made sure I did at least 10 miles each day. My stay in Blankenberge was definitely one of the best parts of my entire trip.

Day 3- Paris, France

France was up next so I started driving towards Paris, which was where I was planning to stay for the third week of my trip across the continent. It might be surprising to learn that Paris actually has some great campsites, making it ideal for motorhome owners.

In addition to offering great food, sites and things to do; Paris also has some fantastic routes, which I made the most of for the entire time I was there. In Notre Dame there’s a great route that runs for around 7km and crosses the Seine. I used this particular route many times while I was staying in Paris.

Day 4 – Barcelona, Spain


I knew that I wanted to end my journey with a trip to one of the sunny beaches in Spain so I headed to Barcelona. I’ve been to Barcelona plenty of times before and have always loved the city. With Barcelona you get the best of both worlds since you’ve got a great bustling city, with a beach right next to it. Although Barcelona might not have the longest beach in the world (approx 4m) it is ideal for running thanks to the soft sand.

Here is a great stretch that leads from La Rambla to the main beach in Barcelona that’s perfect for running. It’s extremely wide so even when it’s busy during the peak …

Skyrunning UK 2014 series kicks off in Wales

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© Mick Kenyon / racingsnakes.com

Last weekend saw the inaugural race in the Skyrunning UK series for 2014, as 100 runners tackled the fabled slopes of the Welsh 3000m mountains, taking in such ridges as Crib Goch, for the V3K race

Niandi Carmont reports

Well what an epic start to the UK Skyrunning series and certainly no better way to introduce Skyrunning to the UK ultra-running enthusiasts.

The V3K on June 28th, 2014 was the first in a series of 4 Skyrunning events on the UK calendar this year. Organized by Race Director Kirsch Bowker the 55km ultra-Skymarathon with a total ascent of 4,500m takes in the Welsh 3,000’s – the 15 (formerly 14) peaks over 3000ft in Wales.

Now in its third year the course has seen entries grow from 30 in 2013 to 100 runners registered in its third year. As opposed to last year the course took the Skyrunners® across the infamous Crib Goch in Snowdonia certainly one of the most technical parts of any British mountain race. This was thus a new course with a new male and female course records.

The 100+ participants were convened at 4am on June 28th to take a bus transfer from the finish at Rowen to the start of the race at Nant Gwyanant at 5am. By this time day had broken and amidst excited chatter and last-minute kit adjustments the runners were on their way up the first climb up the ridge Bwlch Main to Snowdon, second and third ridges of Carnedd Ugain and the knife edged arête of Crib Goch.

The weather was chilly and overcast unlike previous days of clear skies and high temperatures. By the time the first runners had reached the dreaded crête Crib Goch the fog had already descended over the Welsh peaks and visibility was reduced considerably making race conditions harder for even the more experienced runners. According to one runner ‘conditions on Crib Goch were very greasy and slippery but thanks to the reduced visibility we could not see the sheer drops on either side.’

© Mick Kenyon / racingsnakes.com

After completing the first section, 4 summits and the most technical part of the course the route took the runners down via North Ridge and on towards Nant Peris aid station which is accessible by road. From the outset of the race, Jason Cavill set the pace in full preparation for the CCC in France later this year followed closely by Michael Clifford.

At Nant Perris Jason had a 3-minute lead on his rival and both looked incredibly fresh and strong as they blasted through the aid station barely stopping to pick up some extra kit. First lady through was Liz Barker who literally dominated the small female field of 14 until the end of the race opening up a huge gap between 2nd lady Claire Maxted and Sasha Habgood in 3rd position.

After a relatively short section of road the runners followed the route towards Glyderau, starting the second section of the course with a huge climb up Elidir Fawr, and the peaks of Y Garn, Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach and Tryfan. By this time the fog had thickened so much and the grey weather had given way to a fine drizzle leaving the runners with even less visibility in the mountains. From the next aid station Ogwen accessible by road Jason could be seen descending fast dodging boulders with Michael Clifford hot on his heels.

The descent had taken its toll on Jason and combined with the foggy wet conditions fatigue was setting in. The two front-runners stopped briefly at the aid station to replenish and set off together. The third and final section of the course took the runners over the final 7 peaks of Pen yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd, Yr Elen, Carnedd Llewelyn, Foel Grach, Carnedd Gwenellian, and Foel Fras.

It was during this final section that the two front runners split as Jason took a wrong turn as he went off course and Michael Clifford took the lead descending to the final road aid station and onto the finish line which he crossed in 8.19m 30s. For Michael who had only run one ultra before the V3K and had spent 3 months in cross training due to an ITB injury this was an unexpected win.

Jason’s course error had cost him 30min and he finished second in 8h39m. According to Jason:

‘The race was really the challenge I expected it to be. A great deal of climbing and technical descents. It was distance-wise not particularly long but certainly the climbing made up for it so it was tough.’

‘It was very thick fog on top of the course and even though it was well marked out

International theme is strong for 2014 Snowdon International

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© Gwynfor James / Sport Pictures Cymru

Andi Jones on Allt Moses

After a hiatus of some years without a true international flavour, continental teams and global individuals will be present for the 39th Tyn Lon Volvo International Snowdon Race / Ras-yr-Wyddfa on the 19th of July.

Anticipation of the 2014 event is as high as ever with 600 runners, including six-time winner Andi Jones, getting ready for what promises to be one for the best ever races in less than three weeks. Preparations for one of the UK’s premier mountain races are once again in full swing, with a festival atmosphere guaranteed in Llanberis.

The race, now it’s 39th year, is considered as one of the greatest in the world of mountain running, and attracts some of the best racers in Europe. However, the event has grown over the last four decades to be one on the bucket-list of mere mortals across the world, as just completing the 10-mile race from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and back is something thousands aspire to, but only hundreds achieve, year-on-year.

The main race will be precluded once again this year by the Snowdon Super Cup / Cwpan yr Wyddfa – an invitational, uphill-only, race to the summit of Snowdon, starting at 11am on race day and featuring the 2013 World Mountain Running Championships silver medalist Emma Clayton.

Englishman Andi Jones will be pushing hard to make it number 7 at Snowdon, a record which surely will never be rivalled, in one of his last races before he relocates with his family to Qatar. Looking to take on Jones will be athletes from Spain, Malta, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and multiple World Championship representative from the USA, Ben Nephew. On the start line for Wales will be local men Alun Vaughan and Mathew Roberts, both aiming to challenge for top honours, with Vaughan in particularly good form recently.

In the women’s race 2012 winner Tessa Hill returns after a triumphant win two years ago, and will take on Sarah McCormack amongst others.


Tessa Hill

Once again teams from the home nations will also toe the line with top males and female athletes from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in the international race.

Evidence of the general popularity has once again been visible as the 600 places available online went on sale on the 1st of March. Within 7 days all but a few had gone and Race Organiser Stephen Edwards was able to close entries by the 10th of March.

“As ever, we have been inundated with entries, and even since the closing date I have had numerous requests for entries for the race, even though the event is full. Little could the organisers of that inaugural race in 1976 have realised what this event would become some 39 years later. Snowdon is now recognised as the UK’s busiest mountain and that is part of the attraction for those runners who get that ‘Tour de France feeling’ as they ascend the crowds of people cheering on the slopes come race day.

“I am particularly delighted that we have been able to attract some more countries to bring their athletes over for the race this year. With runners from the US, Japan, Italy, France, Malta and Spain as well as there usual strong home countries and Irish teams it should be a real international affair this year, this along with the Super Cup once again in the morning means that we will create a mountain running festival with something going on from 11am through until late afternoon.”

The Super Cup race will once again include some of the UK’s top mountain running talent, as GB internationals Emma Clayton and 2013 Super Cup winner Olivia Walwyn go head-to-head in the women’s event. In the men’s race GB international Rob Samuel will look to go a few places better after his 5th place finish in 2013, as he takes on the likes of top English talent Tom Adams, Adam Osborne and Japan’s Yurijo Iida.

© Ray Wood Photography

Olivia Walwyn with her Super Cup trophy!

Edwards is keen to point out that the event is now much more than just a race, with major sponsors, attractions and a sense of festival which almost brings Llanberis to a stand-still on its traditional third-weekend of July race date:

“It’s amazing really. The buzz in this little village come Snowdon Race weekend is unbelievable, you have to be here to be able to understand that. This race means so much to the area and the people of Llanberis, they are proud of the race and what it portrays to the thousands of visitors that come here for the race and the weekend. We will

2014 Skyrunning World Champs – France leads – Jornet and Kremer take combined titles

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© Jordi Saragossa

Sunday’s torrential rain at the final race of the Skyrunning World Championships in Chamonix didn’t dampen the excitement and magic atmosphere of three days’ world-class competition….

3,400 athletes from 47 countries took part in the weekend’s events where the world’s top runners participated in three skyrunning disciplines for the prestigious World Champion titles, the Combined titles, and the Country ranking.

Coming out on top for the country ranking, based on the sum of three men and one woman, was host nation, France followed closely by Spain and Italy. New entries on the international skyrunning scene are confirmed here with Norway (4th) and USA (5th). Most significantly, strong performances were recorded by Australia, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Holland, Japan and China – all countries to look out for in future competitions and underlining the pool of talent and international growth in the sport.

World Champions of the three disciplines are: Vertical – Spaniards Kilian Jornet and Laura Orguè; Ultra – Spaniard Luis Alberto Hernando and Sweden’s Emelie Forsberg; and Italian Elisa Desco; Sky – Kilian Jornet and Italian Elisa Desco.

© Jordi Saragossa

Kilian Jornet – world champion, again…

Kilian Jornet yet again proved is prowess as king of skyrunning, taking the Combined title with straight wins in the VK and Marathon, while American Stevie Kremer (2013 Sky Series Champion) took the women’s title with a second place in the VK and a third in the Mont-Blanc Marathon.

© Ian Corless

Stevie Kremer

An ecstatic Luis Alberto Hernando took the Ultra World title after a glorious win in Friday’s Mont-Blanc 80K which he led from start to finish. On his heels throughout the race, was last year’s winner, Frenchman Francois D’Haene, who crossed the finish 2nd just 3’40” later. New Australian talent has left its mark with no less than two top ten places in the men’s category, with 21-year-olds Ben Duffus and Blake Hose.

Emelie Forsberg and Anna Frost ran a strong race in a highly competitive women’s field, which included Nuria Picas, Uxue Fraille and Fernanda Maciel. Emelie’s time of 12h38” crowned her decisively queen of the Ultra distance, confirming her status at the top of the ISF Ultra ranking. Notably two completely new entries on the international scene: Poland’s Magdalena Laczak, 3rd , and China’s Li Dong, 9th. It is the first time that the Ultra distance has been disputed in a World Championship since its introduction by the ISF in 2012.

© Jordi Saragossa

Emelie Forsberg was a popular winner of the womens 80km race

Champions past and present lined up for Saturday’s KM Vertical. Due to the steep, narrow course, the runners leave at intervals and are individually timed, making for tense moments at the summit, between joy and delusion as the times are displayed on the timing board. Spain’s Laura Orguè had the edge over stiff competition from Stevie Kremer, slicing 4 seconds off Christel Dewalle’s 2013 time, who came 3rd. For a moment, in the men’s field, it looked like Italian Bernard Dematteis had the title with time of 34’36”, but Kilian closed with a new record in 34’18” – 18” under last year’s record by Columbian Antonio Saul Padua, 4th. Italian Urban Zemmer, number one in the IS Vertical Ranking, was just one second behind Dematteis in 3rd position.

With torrential rain all day, Sunday’s Mont Blanc-Marathon, the highest section of the course was cut while maintaining 41km distance and 2,300m +/- elevation. Kilian dominated the race although Frenchman Michel Lanne pushed him throughout, finishing an excellent second.

The lead pack included Moroccan Zaid Ait Malek and Briton Tom Owens, who were challenged by Switzerland’s Marc Lauenstein. Tom gave it his all and accelerated to take the bronze for Great Britain. The women’s race was led by Azahara Garcia early on, followed by Italian Elisa Desco and Americans, Megan Kimmel, Stevie Kremer and Kasie Enma. In such a stacked field, Elisa believed she had no hope of winning, but in the second half of the race she took over the lead and found herself alone in the final stretches towards Chamonix, where she bagged the gold. Megan and Stevie were second and third respectively.

This third World Championship has underlined the enormous growth in the sport not only on a global level, but with very strong young talent from new countries able to compete at the highest level with the world’s best skyrunners. Apart from the two young Australians in the 80K top ten, it’s significant to note the performance of Spaniard Manuel Merillas, who raced the second half of the Marathon 1’40” faster than Kilian to finish 5th.

Marino Giacometti, ISF President who presented the top runners for each discipline before the events and awarded the medals, expressed his

Huge weekend of ultra running lies ahead…

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© Ian Corless

With the Skyrunning World Champs, including the Mont Blanc 80km, the WS100 and the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the world’s trail running media is going to be kept busy this weekend!

The very best coverage of the Western States 100 comes as ever via iRunFar.com, with previews, interviews and analysis galore. Follow their live coverage starting on Saturday via the sign-up page here and of course the highly accurate and speedy Twitter feed

For the Skyrunning World Champs, the UK’s Ian Corless is a very good source. The Talk Ultra man previews the racing here, and will be all over the race coverage via images, Facebook and Tweets. Ian also previews the Lavaredo Ultra Trail here.

4 Trails ready for 2014 Alpine rendezvous

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© www.4-trails.com

Four stages, 160 km (100 mi.) total length through three different countries, 9800 meters (32,152 ft.) of elevation. Around 500 athletes, pros and ambitious hobby runners from 28 nations will be taking on the 2014 Salomon 4 Trails in a little under 2 weeks…

4Trails event release

From July 9 to 12, 2014, runners will be crossing the Alps in 4 days for the fourth time. In keeping with tradition, the Start will be in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The towns of Ehrwald, Imst and Landeck in Austria will be the destinations. The Finish is at 2000 meters (6561 ft.) above sea level in Samnaun, Switzerland.

© www.4-trails.com

Admiration is the fitting term for the athletes who will be coming to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria on the eve of the race to register and carb up at the Pasta Party. They will be on the trail for 4 days, covering close to 2500 meters (8202 ft.) altitude difference and an average distance of 40 km (24 mi.) each day, crossing snowfields in the high alpine range and sharing their en-route adventures at the combined awards ceremony and Pasta Party in the evening.

Let’s take a peek at the course and the list of favorites ahead of the race: The first day with 36.3 km (23 mi.) from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Ehrwald on the Austrian side of Zugspitze mountain is considered the warm-up stage, but should not be underestimated. The runners will have climbed all of 2410 meters (7907 ft.) after 6 moderate climbs.

There are some wild trails in the second stage from Ehrwald to Imst. Plus two tough climbs. The trail starts with a steep climb up to Grünsteinscharte and down the other side, then ascends to Haiminger Kreuz and finally ends in Imst, 46.30 km (29 mi.) and 2723 m (8934 ft.) of uphill elevation change later.

With only 31.1 km (19 mi.) including 1828 m (5997 ft.) altitude gain, the third day from Imst to Landeck seems like a breeze. But don’t be fooled. Glanderspitze, 2512 m (8241 ft.) is the only mountain on this stretch. That means a climb of 777 m (2549 ft.) from Imst, followed by a downhill to Landeck. Coordination is paramount here.

After more than 47 km (29 mi.), the tour finally ends in the Swiss Grisons canton in the town of Samnaun. This is both the longest and hardest stage of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS. It includes the legendary Ochsenscharte with an elevation of 2787 m (9144 ft.).

The favorites: Of course, a lot can happen in 4 days and 160 km (100 miles), like suddenly being out of shape or twisting your ankle, according to Philipp Reiter, winner in 2012 and second in 2011. Nevertheless, only a select few athletes even qualify as potential winners.

© David Daub

Philipp Reiter takes the 4 Trails

Naturally, Philipp Reiter, winner of the 2012 SALOMON 4TRAILS in 2012 and second in 2011, is one of them. The 22-year-old runner from Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria is one of the youngest on the team. Like his toughest contender, the “sorcerer’s apprentice” is on the SALOMON team and even has Dimitris Theodorakakos as his roommate. “Dimitris is a super guy, really nice and unbelievably strong,” Philipp Reiter praises the 45-year-old Greek runner.

He happens to have won the GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE RUN last year and has a reputation as a world class athlete in the scene. And then we have Miguel Caballero, the Spaniard, age 32, who won the Transalpine Run, and Andreas Allwang from Munich. He is coming to the SALOMON 4TRAILS as the winner of the Swiss Irontrail.

They make for a totally awesome quartet. A safe bet is virtually impossible in the Woman’s Class. There are one favorite though. Katharina Zipser from Imst is in a class of her own when it comes to uphills, but downhills aren’t necessarily her strength.

With 185 participants, Germany has the highest number of all the nations. It is followed by Austria (49), Switzerland (31) and the Netherlands (28) and Spain (28). Absolutely astonishing: 14 Ultra runners are from Israel, 2 from Island, 8 from the USA and 1 even from Iran.

Fans, friends and family will also find many attractions. There will be many opportunities to be active besides the Expo with the latest trends and products by well-known manufacturers. For example, all those who are not (yet) ready to tackle all four segments can sign up for the taster segment from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Ehrwald.

The 2014 SALOMON 4 TRAILS: the facts
• Date: July 9 -12, 2014
• 5 destination towns, 4 days, 3 countries
• 157.9 km (98 mi.), 9811 m (32,188 ft.) elevation gain
• 6 rating categories: Men, Women, Master Men / Master Women

Vaughan scorches to TMW 2014 win

© Dan Wyre

Alun Vaughan breaks the tape at Trail Marathon Wales 2014

With breathtaking views that would rival an Alpine race, Trail Marathon Wales last weekend entertained almost 800 runners, with temperatures reaching the mid-20s and runners speaking of an epic race route…

Wales and GB internationals Alun Vaughan, Andrea Rowlands and Rob Samuel along with Shrewsbury’s Zoe McLennan, taking the honours as large crowds flocked to Coed y Brenin, in North Wales.

The new visitor centre at Coed y Brenin Forest Park was transformed into an exciting race arena with a festival atmosphere, as the resounding feedback from runners was that the new start / finish area was a big hit.

© Sport Pictures Cymru

The 2014 race briefing

In just 3 years Trail Marathon Wales has grown to be one of the UK’s premium trail marathons with runners traveling from as far a field as the USA, Russia, Spain and Sweden for the 2014 event, and it is easy to see why the race, which take in some of the most technical and beautiful aspects of this 9000 acres forest in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, is fast-becoming one of the top events on the UK trail running calendar.

As racing got underway for 9.00am in dry and warm conditions the full marathon quickly developed into a one-man race as Welsh international Alun Vaughan took hold. Kenilworth runner Andrew Siggers was the race winner in 2013 and after a steady start began to gather himself for the charge after Vaughan, as the race hit half way. As the runners headed away from the Coed y Brenin visitor centre and out onto the second half of the route which took in the world-famous Red Dull / Tarw Du trail, Vaughan was fully in control though, ahead of Siggers and 2013 runner-up Richard Roberts.

© Dan Wyre

The marathon gets underway

As the relentless miles of the second half of the race wore on it was apparent that Vaughan was not to be denied, finishing over eight minutes clear of Siggers (3:01:26) by the finish line. His stunning time of 2:53:15 will be an very tough benchmark on this new course, which received universal praise after the event.

Speaking after the race he stated:

“I am very happy, I only decided late on to take up my place at this race. Though it was a really tough course, it was really enjoyable and I feel pretty good here standing at the finish. I decided to go out quite hard, but not over cook it on the first half, and this is pretty much how the race panned out. I am really pleased.”

Roberts finished strongly to take third a further three minutes back (3:04:26) to add to his second place of 2013, stating afterwards that his shoe choice was not quite right for the day, but either way he would not have been able to challenge the super-strong winner on the day.

In the women’s event Salomon runner Mary Grace Spalton was back after her victory in the 2013 event. However, Eryri Harrier and Welsh international Andrea Rowlands has been rounding into very good form of late, and had been targeting the event. Speaking at the pre-race conference on the Friday evening Spalton told of her affection for this race, calling the 2013 event “magic”, and was not going to give up her crown easily. Unfortunately for her, 2013 World Long Distance Championship 5th-placer Rowlands was in top form, getting into an early lead as they headed out on the first 13 miles.

After giving birth to her first child in 2013 Rowlands showed that her endurance has only got better since then, coming through the half-way point some six minutes clear of Spalton, and going on to plough through the field in the second half of the race to take the victory, over 17 mins up on Mary Grace (3:47:29). Her winning time of 3:30:06 being good enough for an amazing 14th overall.

© Dan Wyre

Andrea Rowlands

Welsh international Katie Beecher finished a strong third in 3:50:13.

In the supporting half marathon event, the men’s race was going always going to be a two-way affair as top mountain runner and 3-time winner of the Snowdonia Marathon Wales Rob Samuel was back, after finishing second in 2013. The Wales and GB international had fellow Welsh runner Felipe Jones to contend with this year, but looked in determined mood as 400 half marathon runners snaked their way out of the Coed y Brenin race arena at 9.30am.

So it proved out on the course as Salomon UK athlete Samuel took up the reins, with Jones following at some one minute as they approached 6 miles, however, Llanberis man Samuel was not to be denied this time …

V3K is this weekend…

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© www.skyrunningUK.com

It is finally here, the start of the Skyrunner® Series UK commences this weekend over the classic Welsh 3000’s in the heart of Wales. An epic challenge awaits each and every participant as they cover 55 km’s, 15-peaks and over 4000m’s of vertical gain.

Event release

‘Where earth meets Sky’ is our ethos and the Welsh 3000’s will provide this in abundance.

Providing a classic mountain challenge, the V3K provides a point-to-point race over a route that has become revered for many a runner and walker. Crib Goch needs little introduction and provides the toughest section of the whole route.

Kirsch Bowker, RD for the V3K explains:

“The launch of the Skyrunner® Series UK is a significant moment and to be involved right from the start is quite incredible for us. The route has it all from fast running to really technical rough terrain. It must rank as some of the most technical terrain covered by a UK mountain race.”

“I adore this route. I have covered every inch of this course time and time again. The hardest section of the course is down Crib y Ddysgl and then the ascent of Crib Goch and the traverse of its pinnacles.”

Starting in the early hours of Saturday morning, the V3K offers an incredible challenge because of the successive ascents and descents. It’s a tough challenge and one that must not be underestimated.

“The route ranks on a par with some of the races featured in the Skyrunner® World Series. Of course, the terrain in Wales may not be as high as the Alps or Dolomites but believe me, when images show the beauty and the majesty of this course, I firmly believe it will become an iconic Skyrunning race in the UK.”

Ian Corless, Director for Skyrunning UK said…

“Kirsch and her team have done an incredible job in the build up to this race. We are now in that exciting time when the race is imminent and anticipation is high. It’s going to be a great day and an incredible start to the Skyrunner® Series UK”

Over 100-participants will toe the line from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, China, Italy, Spain, Poland and Germany. It’s just the start the series needed and with follow on events such as The Peaks SkyRace in August, the 3×3 Ultra in early October and the Mourne Skyline MTR in Northern Ireland, the stage is set for an incredible series of races that will be expanded on in 2015 and moving forward.

A long-term aim has always been to bring the Worlds best mountain runners to our shores and provide a showcase for our sport to expand and grow. The news that Skyrunner® World Series 2013 champion, Stevie Kremer (Salomon) will race the Mourne Skyline MTR later this year is a sure sign that the V3K will be the start of something very special in the UK.

© Ian Corless

Stevie Kremer

This growth would not be possible without the incredible support of the run community, enthusiastic and dedicated race organizers and importantly race sponsors. The Skyrunner® Series UK is incredibly grateful and thankful of the support and sponsorship provided by inov-8, Rocktape and Raidlight.

A final word from Kirsch:

“We are having a festival/party at the finish with free food. We really want a crowd to welcome folk as they arrive. We really do want lots of people here!”

Race Details:

Race date: 28th June 2014
Distance: 55km
Elevation: 4000m +/-
Race venue: Nant Gwynant
Race website

YHA Support Dragon’s Back Race™ 2015

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Organisers of the legendary Dragon’s Back Race™ have today announced that YHA (England and Wales) will be supporting the event in 2015. The race follows the mountainous spine of Wales, from Conwy Castle in the north to Carreg Cennen Castle in the south…

The race is an incredible 5-day journey across wild, trackless, remote and mountainous terrain and is widely acknowledged as one of the hardest mountain races in the World.

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Race Director Shane Ohly said:

“At the last Dragon’s Back Race in 2012 the event volunteers and many of the competitors stayed at the YHA Conwy before the race and we received a fantastic, warm welcome from the staff, despite staging an impromptu takeover. In 2015, the YHA Conwy will be our official headquarters in the days before the event with all our event personnel staying there.

We will also have the competitor registration, kit check and briefing there. It is a great venue and we look forward to returning in June 2015.”

Joe Lynch the Sales and Marketing Director for the YHA continued:

“We are delighted to be supporting the Dragon’s Back Race™ and proud that the team have chosen YHA Conwy as their base for this fantastic event. With over 136 hostels throughout England and Wales, YHA strives to create opportunities for everyone to enjoy our great countryside.

“Not everyone chooses to run 300km with 17,000m of ascent in five days, but everyone staying with YHA can be assured of the essentials for any trip; A warm welcome, excellent hospitality, great food and unbeatable value for money. We wish all of the Dragon’s Back Race™ competitors every success and look forward to welcoming you to YHA Conwy.”

The original Dragon’s Back Race™ happened in September 1992 and was famously won by Martin Stone and Helene Whitaker (nee Diamantides) who together beat an array of the World’s best mountain and ultra runners. This was the first time in the history of mountain running that a woman had beat the best men and it happened at arguably the Worlds toughest race.

Ever since, the Dragon’s Back Race™ was whispered about with a mix of awe and trepidation and with the help of books like Richard Askwith’s ‘Feet In the Clouds’, its reputation had reached legendary status with most fell, mountain and ultra runners by September 2012 when the second Dragon’s Back Race™ happened.

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Steve Birkinshaw

The 2012 race was a huge success with a multi award winning, feature length documentary capturing the brutal pleasure of the race. British mountain running legend Steve Birkinshaw won and incredibly, Helene Whitaker returned after twenty years to finish fourth overall.

Entries for the 2015 Dragon’s Back Race are now open but close on the 8th September 2014.

More via the Dragon’s Back Race™ website here

Marmot24™ to take place in the Lakes…

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The organisers of the UK’s first 24-hour nonstop mountain marathon, Marmot24™, have just announced that the inaugural event will be held in the Lake District National Park this August.

Marmot24™ combines the very best elements of the predominantly British mountain marathon phenomenon with aspects of the more international 24-hour rogaining events. With mountain running and navigation at the heart of the event, competitors will have 24, 12 or 6-hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible on a score format course.

Race Director, Shane Ohly described the competition area to us.

“From our central Event Centre the competition area spans 360 degrees in all directions and includes approximately 300 square kilometers of the finest mountain running terrain in the UK. It is Perfect for a 24-hour non-stop mountain marathon and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the event weekend 2nd/3rd August”.

He continued:

“To the north of the Event Centre are the remote Northern Fells guarded by the imposing flanks of Blencathra. To the south, Clough Head marks the start of the Dodd’s ridge running towards Helvellyn and ultimately Ambleside. There are also interesting yet rarely visited fells to the east and west. The terrain is perfect for a mountain marathon with laser fast ridges and valleys linking remote and trackless areas that contain complex contour features.”

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As many regular visitors to the Lake District will know this vast competition area includes about every topographical feature you could possibly imagine, and the experienced planning team of Charlie Sproson and Shane Ohly, will no doubt be conjuring up another excellent event after the highly successful Great Lakeland 3Day™ earlier this year.

The 24-hour race starts at noon Saturday but if that sounds too daunting, then there is a 12-hour race starting at midnight Saturday and a 6-hour race starting at 0600 on the Sunday morning. Everyone will finish at 12 noon on the Sunday in what promises to be an exciting and dramatic finale to a memorable weekend of racing.

Over 100 competitors have now entered Marmot24™ including a large number of elite Spanish runners that includes Aurelio Antonio Olivar, the 2013 European Rogaine Champion.

If you enter Marmot24™ now you can get a free Marmot Compact Hauler (worth £22) for each person.

Further info via the Marmot24™ website here

Andi and Katie are Great in Keswick

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Katie Walshaw

Yesterday say some of the UK’s elite trail and mountain short-disctance specialists head to Keswick for the Karrimor Great Trail Challenge, with England’s Andi Jones and Katie Walshaw amongst the winners…

Karrimor Great Trail Challenge event release

Hundreds of people braved high temperatures in Keswick yesterday at the third staging of the Karrimor Great Trail Challenge. The event saw trail running champions and charity fundraisers run, jog and walk the 11km and 22km distances, which started in Station Field near Greta Bank Farm. Participants were officially set on their way by Councillor Lorraine Taylor, Mayor of Keswick.

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The route started out along the Keswick railway line, climbed the northern shoulder of Latrigg Fell, before travelling down Cumbria Way to the finish line. Runners had an extra challenge as they took on the King of the Mountain and Demon Descent, in which timing mats on the course recorded how long it took runners to ascend Latrigg Fell and descend Cumbria Way to the finish line, with the times posted online.

The day got underway with the Home Countries International race, which saw senior and junior athletes from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland competing in a team competition.

Taking charge of the senior men’s race over a testing 11km, Stockport Harriers’ Andi Jones immediately stamped his authority before going on to post an impressive winning time of 40:17, seven seconds ahead of Ireland’s Brian MacMahon. Tom Addison, of Helm Hill Runners in Kendal took fifth place with a time of 41:16.

© www.greattrailchallenge.org

Andi Jones takes the win

English mountain runner Katie Walshaw won the senior women’s race over 10km. She clocked a time of 40:40, with Megan Crawford of Scotland finishing second in 40:43 and England’s Jayne Joy taking the third spot in 41:19. England were overall winners in the team competition.

The event village was packed with spectators and participants enjoying music and race commentary throughout the day. North West Air Ambulance, the nominated local charity for the event welcomed their runners over the finish line which included paramedics and families of ex-patients.

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Peter Riley, Project Director at organisers Nova, said:

“This is the third year we’ve staged the Karrimor Great Trail Challenge in Keswick, and yet again it was a fantastic day. The heat was an extra challenge for the participants, but everyone did exceptionally well and the hundreds of spectators added to the brilliant atmosphere.”

Find out more at www.greattrailchallenge.org

Home Countries International Race Results

Senior men (11km)
1. Andi Jones – 40:17
2. Brian MacMahon – 40:24
3. Andrew Douglas – 40:48

Senior Women (10km)
1. Katie Walshaw – 40:40
2. Megan Crawford – 40:43
3. Jayne Joy – 41:19

Junior Men (10km)
Andrew Lawlor – 36:11
Ciaran Lewis – 38:32
Gwynant Jones – 38:59

Junior Women (5.5km)
Georgia Malir – 22:32
Catriona Graves – 23:06
Rebecca Evans – 23:22

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    Fantastic event to watch and a great team win for England with a particularly stunning England debut for Jayne Joy

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Stevie boosts Mourne Skyline MTR appeal!

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Stevie Kremer

Fresh from victory at the 2014 Zegama-Aizkorri Skyrunner® World Series, Skyrunning UK are pleased to announce that Salomon athelete, American Stevie Kremer will race the brand new Mourne Skyline MTR on October 18th 2014..

Skyrunning UK release

Stevie is arguably the best female SKY distance runner on the scene at the moment. Winning Mont-Blanc Marathon, Pikes Peak and Limone Extreme in 2013, secured Stevie the Skyrunner® World Series title and elevated the pocket rocket from Colorado from hot, to super hot!

With her infectious smile and incredible ability on the mountain, Stevie will be an incredible asset not only to the Mourne Skyline MTR race but to all trail and mountain running in the UK.

“Creating Skyrunning UK was all about bringing the ethos and feel of European events to our shores and in time, creating some of the buzz as witnessed in the Alps, Pyrenees or the Dolomites.”

Says Skyrunning UK director, Ian Corless

“Stevie is at the forefront of Skyrunning, she is an incredible talent, a bubbly personality and to have her arrive on our shores and race is a dream come true. It was always my aim… in reality, I had hoped this would happen in 2017 but to have Stevie join us in year one is just incredible and the boost we all need.’

Ryan Maxwell, race director for the Mourne Skyline MTR can’t believe his luck.

“When we announced our race we had an incredible response with entries flooding in. To now find out that Stevie Kremer will join us for the inaugural event, really is the icing on the cake. Racing is about every runner; from first to last. However, elite runners provide inspiration for all of us and Stevie leads by example; she is a role model for Skyrunning and we will be honoured by her presence at our race.”

A long-term aim has always been to have a UK event included in the Skyrunner® World Series, should that happen, the best-of-the-best will travel to the UK to race. Stevie’s presence in year one provides a pathway to that objective.

The world’s top teams and athletes pitting themselves against UK athletes. Imagine it; imagine what that would do for the sport in the UK!

Lauri van Houten, executive director for the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) had this to say:

“The Skyrunner® National Series were created to grow Skyrunning on a national level globally – to give as many runners as possible the “feel” of a Skyrunning race and a chance to win a place in an international World Series event. The UK Skyrunning races hold enormous promise and look set to attract an international field. Stevie’s decision to take part in Northern Ireland is a great boost for the race and the new Skyrunner® UK National Series.”

The sport is growing at all levels. In time a series of UK based Skyrunning teams similar to the model that inov-8 have created is a distinct possibility. The Skyrunner® National Series provides not only a great structure for the sport but it also provides a springboard for UK athletes to race in other countries but equally, we hope to attract foreign athletes to race on home soil.

Speaking from Colorado, Stevie said:

“It looks amazing and it’s during my fall break, so I am in! I love the idea of that much climbing.”

More info via the Mourne Skyline site here

Frosty returns as Hernando overcomes Kilian at Transvulcania

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Luis Alberto Hernando at Transvulcania 2014

Yesterday’s Transvulcania race on La Palma was once again a triumph from a shop-window perspective for ultra trail racing and in terms of how far the sport and the media coverage has come over the last few years…

It was probably fitting therefore that it produced two worthy and highly-popular winners in Anna Frost – who returned to TV to take a glorious victory two years after her first and after 18 months or so which have seen the Kiwi beset with injury – and Luis Alberto Hernando, who finally overcame his great rival Kilian Jornet to take a fantastic first Transvulcania victory.

Story, top 10s and links via the ISF here

Vertical Kilometer opens Transvulcania weekend

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Bernard Dematteis at the Transvulcania VK 2014

The 2014 skyrunning season blasted off on Friday with the new ultra-steep Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer® on the island of La Palma. Italian VK specialists dominated the podiums with the Dematteis brothers Bernard and Martin taking first and second place followed by Kilian Jornet…

The women’s race was won by Elisa Desco, a national and European mountain running champion. 2013 Vertical World Champion, Spaniard Laura Orgue was a close second followed by Azara Garcia de los Salomones, also from Spain.

More via the ISF website here

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Elisa Desco

2014 Skyrunner® magazine online now

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Looking for some adventure in 2014? Well, luckily for some the ISF has just put the 2014 Skyrunner World Series magazine (e-zine) online. With events across the continents, it highlights some of the world’s most iconic races…

The 24-page guide features such races as Transvulcania, Zegama and the Ice Trail this July – read the 2014 ISF mGzn here

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Africa’s first Ultra SkyMarathon® continues to move steadily onto world stage

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As entries for the 2014 Lesotho Ultra Trail continue to pour in from around the world, including Spain, Belgium, Austria, England, North America and Australia, as well as continued local interest from aspirant skyrunners in Southern Africa…

…the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) has announced that Africa’s first Ultra SkyMarathon® will be recognised as one of their official World Ranking ultra races for 2014. Being one of only thirty six top global events in this category, as well as one of only two events selected from the African continent, the Lesotho Ultra Trail heads into only its second year with already some big shoes to fill.

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Race director Andrew Booth of KZN Trail Running comments:

“The growth and interest in the Lesotho Ultra Trail has given the organising team confidence in the kind of race we are presenting. The nature of the challenge and remoteness of parts of the trail hold great allure. When you finish this race you know you’ve been on an adventure, the battle scars will tell you that.”

The elite runner field is also beginning to heat up with confirmation from current Skyrunner® World Series partners INOV-8 international, that UK-based team members Ben Abdelnoor and Tracy Dean will be making the trip down to the “Mountain Kingdom” to toe the staring line alongside some of South Africa’s top trail athletes including Kane Riley, Lucky Mia, defending men’s and women’s title holders Andrew Hagen and Tracy Zunckel, Su Don Wauchope, Meg Mackenzie and Iain Don Wauchope.

© Anthony Grote

Women’s overall winner Tracy Zunckel descends

Further interest has also been shown by the likes of American ultra runners Dakota Jones (winner of the 2012 Transvulcania) and Mike Wolfe (2nd at the 2013 Lavardo Ultra Trail) who missed last years event to a last minute change in itinerary. Booth continues:

“Having such a strong group of elite athletes at the Lesotho Ultra Trail makes race day very exciting, we are able to track the leaders progress through our radio communications network and we’ll be beaming this out to the world who continue to take a keen interest in our race.”

A handful of entries for the event, which will be held on Saturday the 29th of November and forms part of the South African Skyrunner® Series, are still available. For more information about the Lesotho Ultra Trail, please visit www.lesothoultratrail.com or follow the event on Twitter and Facebook.

Vic peaks in Yorkshire, as Coniston beckons

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Vic Wilkinson driving on at the 3 Peaks

The second race in the 2014 English Fell Champs takes place on the summits above Coniston tomorrow, and once again inov-8 and Bingley AC athlete Victoria Wilkinson will be the one to beat in the ladies’ race…

In her latest inov-8 blog, Victoria reflects on her superb win at last weekend’s 3 Peaks Race when she posted one of the fastest ever times by a woman over the classic 37km course.


“To win the Three Peaks Race was always one of my big targets for 2014. It is both iconic and tough in equal measures – a true test of fitness and strength with no hiding places. Plus, me being a Yorkshire girl, it makes it a really special race.

“I felt strong going into the event, knowing that since Christmas I had trained specifically with the Three Peaks in mind. I also carried with me the confidence that came from winning the opening English Fell Championships race at Pendle. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t looked at previous times and records. In truth, I focus a lot of my own expectations and performances around the times and records of previous female race winners.

“Although the Three Peaks has been adapted over the years – some faster and some slower bits included – the times posted by the likes of Sarah Rowell and Angela Mudge, plus the record of 3:14:43 set by Anna Pichtrova in 2008, gave me a good guide. My plan was to run sub 3:30, knowing the key to this was getting the pace right from the start. I set my sights on Bingley Harriers’ teammates Andy Jebb and Andy Brown, thinking they would hit the pace I was looking for.

“The first bit of the race – going up Pen-y-ghent lane – was the worst section of the entire 37km for me. I just wanted that bit to be over and done with. I found it hard to get the right pace. Once over the summit of Pen-y-ghent I started to settle down a bit and run with good fluency on long section to Ribblehead.

“Next came the slog of a climb up Whernside. I took the opportunity to get some fuel in, knowing there was still a long way to go. Cheered on by my parents, I pushed hard up the climb, dropping Andy Brown by the summit.

© Mick Kenyon / racingsnakes.com

Vic Wilkinson at the 2014 3 Peaks

“I lost time on Andy Jebb on the initial part of the descent but then gained it back again on the section to Hill Inn. ‘If only I hadn’t lost it in the first place!’ I thought to myself. With my inov-8 x-talon 212 shoes feeling fast and grippy, I really put the hammer down on the bit between Hill Inn and the summit of Ingleborough. Bounding over the steps and boards, I felt great. Then on the steep, rocky section I started passing some of the men in front of me (always a nice feeling!)

“Three Peaks is one of those races…..when you reach the third and final summit of Ingleborough you kind of think it’s all over. Far from it – there is still seven miles of running to go back to Horton-in-Ribblesdale! Still alongside Andy Jebb, we toiled into the headwind, counting down the miles, until we finally reached the valley bottom again. I crossed the finish line in a time of 3:21:32, for first place and 17th overall. I was really happy with my time and performance.

“Next up is the Coniston Fell Race tomorrow, the second counter in the English Fell Championships. Bring it on!”

200 runners prepare for 2014 Great Lakeland 3Day™

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© Ben Winston

For the third successive year the Great Lakeland 3Day™ has sold out and this May bank holiday weekend will see a record 200 competitors setting off on a three day mountain running journey in the Lake District.

© www.GreatLakeland3Day.com

The location for the 2014 GL3D™ Event Centre is at Pooley Bridge at the North Eastern tip of Ullswater, and this is where competitors will be arriving on Friday night for registration. Pooley Bridge is one of those quintessential Lake District villages surrounded by water and mountains and it is a fitting staging post for the adventure ahead.

Where precisely the Elite, A, B and C courses go from there is a closely guarded secret but in the best traditions of the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, the competitors have been promised a surprise on the first morning. Race Director, Shane Ohly explains further:

“The LAMM has a deserved reputation for surprising competitors on the first day with an unexpected change of venue or logistic and I wanted to embrace this idea for the GL3D™.”

The Great Lakeland 3Day™ has earned a reputation for being an informal and friendly event and the new C or ‘Cafe Class’ course embraces this ethos. Ohly continued:

“New for 2014 is the C Course, which is specifically aimed at walkers and the slowest runners and features checkpoints in cafe’s! Because we allow competitors to simply enter the event and then choose their desired course on the day we can’t be certain how popular it is going to be. However, the record number of entries suggests it’ll be very popular indeed!”

Despite the relaxed atmosphere the Great Lakeland 3Day™ remains a formidable challenge with the Elite course covering 130+ kilometres with over 8,000m of ascent in three days. It promises to be a grand tour of some of the best Lakeland ridges, summits and valleys.

The early GL3D™s aimed to cover about 25 miles on average each day and this is the distance that the organisers now aim for on the A Course. Usually the first and second days are slightly further/harder than the last day to help participants get away at a reasonable time after the event has finished. Race Planner Charlie Sproson from Mountain Run has planned the 2014 event and his summary optimum distances and height gains are shown below.

© www.GreatLakeland3Day.com

Former GL3D elite winner, artist and author, Heather Dawe who recently published the widely acclaimed Adventures in Mind has kindly provided two prints for the fastest male and female on the Elite course. With Heather’s connection to the event, it seems like a fitting way to recognise the effort of the leading runners.

The GL3D™ is sponsored by Lowe Alpine and supported by Climbers Shop, Joe Browns and Harvey Maps.

Event pictures, results and write up will be available on the Great Lakeland 3Day™ website early next week.

Bragg settles for a podium place at the Fellsman

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© Tim Burton / The North Face

Jez Bragg at the 2014 Fellsman

Former winner Jez Bragg embarked on another tilt at the classic Fellsman race last weekend, but after some nav issues on route had to settle for third place this year at one of the UK’s original ultra races…

383 Competitors toed the line of the 52nd Fellsman in windy and wet conditions which improved over the course of the day. Adam Perry and Kim Collinson set the early pace and went on to jointly win the event, the first time this had happened in many years.

Jez ran his usual race, starting conservatively and then pushing on and was making his way through the field with only Collinson and Perry in front when he experienced difficulty locating the Middle Tongue checkpoint, which was not in position, wasting valuable time, making the front runners lead unassailable.

© Tim Burton / The North Face

Jez commented:

“As always The Fellsman was a great adventure and a memorable day out on the hills. I was happy with my race until the missing checkpoint scenario, and being on my own at that point, took longer to search the area and come to the decision to move on having not found it. Unfortunately it had been setup in the wrong location, so whilst it didn’t compromise my completion of the event, it did impact the racing aspect.”

“These things happen in off road events of this nature but the leader’s gap went from 15 minutes to over 30, at which point I knew I wouldn’t be able to reel them in. There was a nagging head wind all day which made the pace slower than usual, but I was pleased with how I felt throughout, and should provide a positive stepping stone towards Western States at the end of June. My focus is on getting back to racking form in the big events after a lengthy recovery spell from the Te Araroa Expedition”.

Jez has two major races on the horizon with the Western States 100 in California at the end of June followed by The North Face® Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc® in August.

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